Game of Thrones Review: A Bedding and A Betrayal

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Game of Thrones Season 3 has delivered on so many levels, despite feeling like it just premiered a few short weeks ago.

Most fans I talk to cannot believe how quickly the season has gone. Thankfully, one episode remains, but I will certainly need the week in between to digest all that transpired on "The Rains of Castamere." 

You could feel something major coming, for some time now. With three different story lines - Samwell and Gilly, Jon and the wildings, Bran and his crew - all converging on the Wall, my money was on the biggest wrinkle taking place among them. My second guess would have been on Dany's camp to play host to a jaw-dropping development.

Another's Wedding Day

So Robb and Catelyn's long and tedious march to see Edmure wed to one of the Freys was probably furthest from my thoughts at the start of the episode.

Perhaps what made Walder's betrayal in the end so jarring, aside from the obvious, was how funny a character he was upon Robb's arrival. The introduction of his daughters and granddaughters was hysterical. 

Walder Frey: My granddaughter, Waltha? Walra? Waldina.
Mary: I'm Mary.
Walder Frey: Fine. | permalink

I couldn't help but think of SNL's Starbuck's Verismo skit ("order for Amorpha ... Amarella ...") Then things got awkward. Actor David Bradley's demeanor went from forgetful to foul as he began to address Talisa.

Walder Frey: I can always see what's going on beneath a dress. Been at this a long time. I bet when you take that dress off everything stays right where it is. Don't drop an inch. | permalink

Robb had to be held back by his mother, as Walder's demeanor began to resemble Bradley's portrayal of Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films, as opposed to a man of nobility. When nothing inappropriate was proposed or demanded by the him, though, I assumed Robb and his bride were in the clear. The only one who still had any worrying left to do, by the looks of his marital prospects, was Edmure. Fraia was probably the prettiest of the lot, but I'm pretty sure she was pregnant upon a second look. Did you catch the glance Blackfish flashed his nephew in that scene? It was priceless.

From the looks of things, Edmure made out like a bandit... but what became of him after he was carried off to the bedding ceremony? Even more pressing a question was how convenient was it that Blackfish excused himself to go find a tree to urinate on, right before the fateful music began to play? We know Bolton took Lannister gold in addition to Frey's granddaughter's weight in silver, but were Brynden and Edmure in on the betrayal as well?

Hopefully we will find out in the finale, but perhaps we won't. One thing I do know: I stared in disbelief at my television as the closing credits began to silently roll by. It was not until the volume kicked back in for the upcoming scenes that I was shaken from my daze of disbelief. I probably was making a face similar to Hodor's when Bran got inside his head and put him in that trance like state. 

We were treated to the most in depth scenes featuring Bran and his companions this week. Their arc has sort of remained on the back burner for the most part. But they finally crossed paths with another group when Robb and the wildings happened to chase the horse owner to the same locale in which they were hiding.

I can only imagine the number of meme and GIF images there now are of Bran telling Hodor to stop "Hodoring." Amidst Bran discovering something new about his power and awesomely entering the mind of his wolf, we were treated to some very sentimental moments from the most unlikely of characters.

The bond between Osha and Bran has been growing for some time now, but it was never more apparent than tonight. The normally gruff and guarded Osha showed a softer side as she comforted Hodor when he was frightened and later as she kissed Rickon on the head and told the Reeds how much Bran meant to her. I think her transformation speaks to Bran's character and how he garners the respect of all sorts of people. A quality most men of power on the show seem to sorely lack. 

Dany has a very similar ability. She may not know how long it takes to sack a city, but her mission to appeal to the free wills of those who have been told they have none is proving to be a very sound strategy.

Of course, the enslaved enemy at Yunkai didn't come to their senses without some coaxing. Lucky for the mother of dragons, she had Daario, Jorah and Grey Worm to spread her word after soundly thrashing the first wave of enemy guards. He may not be a man of many words, or an acclaimed whistler like Daario, but Grey Worm's proficiency with a shield and spear would have impressed even the great Spartan King Leonidas. 

I'm also sure many a sigh of relief was let out when Daario finally appeared unharmed to present his queen with her victory. Dany did nothing to hide the smile on her face, which was produced as much by seeing the square jawed Tyroshian alive as it was by her victory. 

While their chemistry bubbled, the bond between Jon and Ygritte was dealt a major blow. After his hand was forced by Orell, Jon fought bravely before fleeing on horseback and leaving Ygritte behind with Tormund. Even Jon Snow's golden tongue won't get him out of this one when Ygritte catches up to him. I wondered if Jon thought fleeing without her was the best thing he could do for her. She, of course, knew his mind and his allegiance - but maybe this was his way of sparing her the same fate he sees as inevitable for himself. 

Prior to riding off, Jon Snow dispensed with Orell, a showdown that his been week's in the making.

Before he was killed though, Orell entered the mind of that eagle. At first all I was worried about was that it had poked out one of Jon Snow's eyes, but then I began to wonder if a warg could actually die while in the mind of an animal. According to A Wiki of Ice and Fire, a warg can continue to live on for a period of time in the mind of another creature even if its human form has died.

My next thought? If this is so, is it possible for that person to transfer himself back into another human's head, not unlike Bran did with Hodor. I'm sure it it's unprecedented and morally frowned upon, but still I wonder if we've seen the last of Orell. 

With so much Stark blood shed this week, I was relieved to see Arya make it out safely, even if she will most assuredly wake up with quite a nasty headache thanks to the Hound. Despite having told him her plans to put a sword through his eye, Sandor still came to her rescue. Of course, she still has family who would pay for her safe return, but I don't think his motivation for her protecting her is simply pecuniary anymore. 

With so much drama in the G.O.T. it's hard to believe only one episode remains before another long off season of anticipation. Do you think we are in for more major upheavals next week? Or will the focus be on setting the stage for things to come? 


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I forgot ! LOVED the Hound's scenes with Arya !!! That girl's got some balls ! You better watch out Hound !!!
I still find it interesting as well, how he saved the 2 Stark daughters... Sunday comeeeeeee !!!! Next is gonna be True Blood lool


I knew it was coming but they even killed the wiffe !!!! I mean Robb, Catelyn, but wow ! It was BAD !!!! Proper Bloody ! The uncle though...I wonder... Very convienient that he left before the massacre ! And poor Arya !!!!
Bran, showed us ! Damn that was scary/cool ! I can't wait to see more of his powers ! Osha, gosh I love her ! Her relationship with the boys is so tight ! Finally Ricon talked a bit more that usual !
Ah, Ygritte, what did you expect ! Jon is a crow, you knew it, we knew it ! Too bad coz I liked that couple, oh well, Jon has a long way ahead of him anyways !
I really wanted to see some Tyrion/Sansa, but I guess that'll be for the finale !
Stannis's "magic" is cleaning the house ! Robb, first ! Can't wait for the rest !
Dany and Daario, I CANNOT WAIT !!!! Next episode is the finale, wow ! This season literally flew by ! Amazing !


OMG, I was so shocked by this episode, I have started reading the books, but I'm just in the beginning of the first. It got me to tear up a few times, first with Bran saying goodbye to his brother and then with the wedding. You see this beautiful interaction with Rob and his wife about the baby and naming him after Ned, and it was so sweet and you feel this hopefulness of a good future for them and it's snatched away. The mother was so strong, but I wish she could have thrown the knife right at their deceitful host instead of slitting the throat of his innocent wife. I felt so bad for Arya, she's had it really rough and she's strong for such a young girl. She was so close to being reunited with her family and she's just feet away and they are all massacred. She's only lucky that she wasn't with them to be killed too and she has the guts for some future revenge. The chemistry between Dany and Daario is really potent and I'm looking forward to that developing further. I felt bad for Jorah though, he obviously loves her and she doesn't return the affection and you could see he was crushed when she had only eyes for Daario. I couldn't believe but at the same time wasn't surprised that John Snow ran off without the girl. When he expressed his desire for the horse owner not to be killed and she ignored him and tried to shoot him with an arrow, you could see the look on his face. He really disapproved. She's too hard for him. Now, I just worry if she'll be hunting him down to seek vengeance since he left her and she considered herself to be his woman. I love Dany and want her to be the ultimate winner for the throne. I want Tyrion to survive though, because he is awesome and tied with Dany as my favorite character. I even sort of like Jamie, since we got to see a good side of him when he was captured. This show never disappoints, look forward to more!


@invested in your future I remember you telling me that! Lol but I had feeling that Rob wasn't and safe and neither was his wife. In fact you can't think anyone is safe on this show! I can't believe people are surprised that Rob was killed. I was just waiting for it to happen and boy did it ever happen.


Slight spoiler re: whether Brynden, Edmure and Roslin were involved in the betrayal: Brynden and Edmure most certainly were not involved. Brynden lucked out by going to piss at the right time here (in the books he wasn't at the wedding at all), and most likely escaped, though they'll probably clarify that next week. Edmure has now consummated the marriage with Roslin (meaning he can't divorce her) and is now a hostage of the Freys, and having the Lord of Riverrun as a hostage is pretty dang valuable. Roslin knew the plan, but was very apprehensive, which is why she looked so sad and upset when the bedding started, because she knew what was coming next and didn't want it to happen.


I am a bit surprised at peoples reaction to Robb's death. He was the least important of the Starks. Jon was the outsider, Arya was the tomboy, Sansa was the naive spoiled princess and Bran was the crippled with powers (professor x meets Harry potter). Robb was just the dutiful son who made alot of mistakes. I liked the TV Robb because of his love affair. It's classical literature love vs duty, which ironically was displayed in this episode. Jon chose duty and left Ygrit while Robb chose love and wouldn't leave Talisa even after she died. I also liked the imagery of the massacre. It began with the murder of one mother and ended with the death of 2 other mothers. I wasn't looking forward to this wedding but I cannot wait till Joff's.


Am I alone in thinking the red wedding was a tad overdone? Sometimes too much takes away from a scene instead of adding anything. I thought Robb's storyline had disappeared of late and I was bored with it anyway. Having read the wiki version of the books as there was a particular character I wanted a happy ending for (and was disappointed) I am also very upset about what happens next with one of the characters that featured in this episode. No spoilers (and we can't really know what the TV people will do though I don't know how they can change the story on a fundamental level) and you'll have to read if you want to know who I'm referring to, but someone apparently (and somehow, can't figure out why) might escape the slaughter. Anyway, I'm well cheesed off because that particular character was one i could totally do without. And stop killing the freaking wolves.


The Stark's downfall comes because they believed too much in loyalty, in the goodness of others and trust. Robb was naive. He should have never gone back to Frey's in the first place. He was too trusting to think that Frey wouldn't have betrayed him. Ned was always too trusting in the sense that he wanted/believed others to be as loyal as he is. It will be interesting to see how Arya learns from all this because I highly believe she won't make the same mistakes her family did. And as for Bran I just hope something doesn't happen between him and the Reeds. As for Jon...I knew a likable character died in this episode, and when he and Orell started fighting I'm just glad it wasn't him!


This Game of Thrones episode wrecked my soul. Thank you writers/directors, for taking a knife, and plunging it deep into my heart; then pouring salt into the gushing wound. I felt like this, while I was watching the ending: Picture of cat on Google -What has been seen... Cannot be un-seen.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Remember how I said to you few months ago on that George R Martin is evil and that I could not wait till certain point of the current season? :P Yeah, it has finally happened and one of many many many cats are out of the bag now :P Gods, the reactions to ASOIF twists and turns are always hilarious. Internet is NEVER ready for such epicness :P

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Your king says he betrayed me for love. I say he betrayed me for firm tits and a tight fit ... and I can respect that.

Walder Frey

I can always see what's going on beneath a dress. Been at this a long time. I bet when you take that dress off everything stays right where it is. Don't drop an inch.

Walder Frey