Mitch Hurwitz Talks Arrested Development Season 5, Show Criticism, George Clooney and More

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Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz chatted up reporters on a conference call this week, touching on a number of subjects, from the criticism leveled at Season 4... to a possible Season 5... to a near cameo by George Clooney.

Arrested Development Threesome

Here's a rundown of the more relevant talking points:

On Clooney's proposed storyline: "George Sr. has this land in Mexico and they was going to be constantly spooked and chased off the land by these really handsome men. We were going to get people like George Clooney. And they'd be like, ‘Who are these guys? Who are these Mexicans that are trying to get us off their property?' And at one point [the handsome men] were going to say, ‘We are the Mexican Romneys!'"

On Season 4 reviews: "I try to have a pretty open attitude about it. Everybody wants to be loved all the time; it's not realistic. It's certainly not realistic if you're going to be ambitious in terms of changing the form. There are risks either way. Had I done the exact same show I did last time, there'd be blowback to that."

On the new format: "I think it's inevitable if you do that people are not going to be on board at first, or maybe ever. But that's a risk I willingly took."

On the show's future: "I don't have a timeline yet. If there's more, I promise you we will put a date out there."

Do you want to see Arrested Development return to Netflix for Season 5?

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love this show keep it going please people


Season 4, in some ways was better written the the other three seasons. The way things came together and the constant time switches worked very well. Hurwitz is a genius.


Season four really can't be compared to the past three seasons which were from eight years ago! Times have changed and season four was set around filling us in on what has happened to the characters in that time. Sure it means a lack of family scenes but we it gives us a chance to spend time with characters we haven't seen in so long (that and the fact getting everyone together for many scenes wouldn't have been possible with scheduling). I love season four for its own humour, jokes and small callbacks, and I think it does a brilliant job and leading us into another season or a film.

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(holding stuffed animals) These are my awards, Mother. From Army. The seal is for marksmanship, and the gorilla is for sand racing. Now if you'll excuse me, they're putting me in something called Hero Squad.


George Sr.: They cannot arrest a husband and wife for the same crime.
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