Necessary Roughness Review: Addicted to Love

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Necessary Roughness was all about the love as "Gimme Some Lovin'" brought old friends back together but made us question whether others would ever find their way back one another.

Dani's New Job

Dani's found a new home at V3 and it includes an expense account, an assistant, and Prada. It's hard to resist the perks at V3, especially when they're being handed out by the very charming Connor McClane.

I really enjoyed the interactions between Dani and Connor. They're both still getting to know one another. As much as I like McClane, there's a nagging voice in my head that's wondering if there's more to him than appears. I'm sure time will tell.  In the meantime I'll just enjoy that charming, sexy smile.

Despite the perks and the handsome new boss, Dani's holding firm.  She doesn't need the company car or the charge card with no limit but we'll have to cut her a break on the Prada. Every girl's got her weakness.

However, Dani won't rubber stamp a patient's record, not even if telling the truth means they end up in jail…and Troy is not happy about it.  Troy's looking for a yes woman and he knows he doesn't have that in Dani.  Team Dani he's not. He wants the good doctor gone and he's hoping Nico will help make that happen.

I didn't know what to think about Nico.  He was unhappy that Dani took the job but he's the one who introduced her to V3 to begin with. How could he not foresee the possibility of her being offered a job?

I guess not even the great Nico Careles can think of everything. He obviously still has strong feelings for Dani as was made clear by this Necessary Roughness quote...

Nico: If she gets hurt in any way... you do not want me as an enemy. | permalink

Who is it that he's threatening? Is Nico now working as an informant for the Feds? Who is he trying to take down at V3?

Now even TK's come on board. He and Rex are both V3 clients and I love that they've continued this friendship into Necessary Roughness season 3. TK and Rex are a case of opposites making the most entertaining friends.

It wasn't long ago that TK would have jumped at both the coke and the sexy girl propositioning him.  I was a little disappointed that it looked as though he was about to cave in order to gain the sponsorship.  Thankfully his better sense and a purse snatcher saved the day.

And that means that Dr. Dani can keep TK as a patient…but will The Hawks' have a problem with that? TK and the coach certainly don't look as though they're going to be bff's anytime soon.

But who will be left to save any of them if things go bad at V3?  What Nico's up to is still anyone's guess. What do you think is going on at V3?


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I've always liked the show, but I like it even more with this new format. It never worked as well when the clients were not connected with the Hawks or when they had to spend time with the kids. It was too many stories not connected with each other and not enough time to tell them. So, I am happy TK and Rex are with V3, but also worried about what happens when the Feds move in. Still, while Troy is clearly into whatever it is up to his neck, I wonder how much Connor actually knows about what goes on. V3 might still be standing in the end.


Nico cut Dani off to to keep her away from whatever is going on with him, but he had to call her when Connor asked. Dani is obviously nervous and feeling out of her element, so I get his surprise that she stayed at V3, but now he's in a difficult position. His behavior reminded me of the days when he didn't know or like her, but she's not buying it if he won't say why. The Fed took him seriously at the end, and it surprised he didn't just threaten something back. It is all very curious, and I am looking forward to the show even more now.


I think Nico is still the same guy he's always been. Yes him bringing Dani to V3 was not smart but I blame the writers for that lol Here's how I see it, the government made a deal with him. Either he helps them take down a bigger fish or he goes to jail for wire tapping and whatever other stuff they have on him. Since getting her fired didn't work he threatened a federal agent. He's still protecting her but his hands are kind of tied. I can't wait to see where this goes. I've always been a Nico/Dani fan. I hope they get a shot at being together.


I'm very disappointed in Niko, he's the strong, get things done guy but always there to protect Dani. Keep him in character writers. What is up with Dani's whacky behavior? She walks like she's never ever worn a pair of heals in her life and then there's the scatterbrain act, not to mention the hair stroking all through the show. Very strange, like she got a new personality along with the job.

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