Necessary Roughness Review: Don't Be Afraid To Fly

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Necessary Roughness season 3 opened up with plenty of "Ch-Ch-Changes" for everyone, but does that mean some of this team's key players may be moving on?

Six months after Dani turned her heart over to Matt, he's wearing a wedding ring...but the matching one isn't on Dani's finger.  

Pregnant Pause?

Matt decided to do "the right thing" and wed Noelle. With a six month gap, it's hard to tell what the right thing really was, however. We never saw Matt's reaction to finding out about Noelle's pregnancy. He made it clear that he always wanted to start a family... but is he starting one with the right woman?

Without having seen how Dani and Matt broke up, it's hard to read between the lines. Was their split by mutual consent or did Matt decide to walk away? Anyway, it looks like a baby on the way was the last straw for the Matt and Dani romance. 

With Matt's decisions to move to Boston I have to wonder if the character is being written out all together. If the show's focus is moving away from The Hawks and he and Dani are done, perhaps his story has played out.  Still, it would have been nice if fighting for Dani to keep her job weren't an afterthought. 

Speaking of The Hawks, Dani's days there are finished. It took the new coach all of one conversation to fire Dani. I'm sure Dani will be fine. The person I worried about more was TK.

Dr. Dani has been the one stable factor in his life over the last couple of years and she's pulled him through Hell and back. Can a team really dictate which therapist a player can see? With all of the new stress on TK, this could be the worst possible time for him to lose Dani.  As he said himself in this Necessary Roughness quote...

TK: Help me Obi-Wan KeDani. You are my only hope. | permalink

But Dani's got a job offer, which would include exclusivity to V3. Money, prestige, and a handsome, charming boss. Why would anyone turn down working with John Stamos?!?

Is Dani headed from one difficult boss at The Hawks to another at V3? Troy seemed very unhappy to have Dani on board but it was oh so much fun to watch Dani put him in his place. 

Finally Dani welcomed back Nico with a slap to the face and it sounded like it was justified…

Dani: You don't say goodbye to me. You don't answer my calls. You don't answer my texts. You just vanish down some Nico rabbit hole and then you pop up like some freaking jack-in-the-box. | permalink

Six months is a long time not to hear from someone you care about. If Dani didn't care she wouldn't be so angry. If she hadn't broken his heart and wounded his ego, Nico might have called. For two people who didn't mean to hurt each other, they certainly did a good job of it.

Could these two still have a future? No one can deny there's chemistry there. Even Jeanette can see it simmering just beneath the surface…

Jeanette: So the international man of mystery returns and you whack him. That is so 50 Shades. Did he take you into his arms and throw you up against the wall? | permalink

If only…but we've got a whole season to hope for such things. And thank goodness Jeanette is back. Dani needs a best friend and Jeanette always has the best lines.

With Ray Jay bouncing around Europe with Juliette and Lindsey growing up fast, Dani's got lots of changes to handle this summer.  

Do you think it's over between Dani and Matt? Are you hoping Nico and Dani get their shot at love…or lust? And is Connor McClane the new game in town.

Necessary Roughness is back. Who's ready to play?


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The show is really different now, but I think it's for the best. Now they have a bunch of way to take the story, cause honestly how many melt downs can TK have. I'm actually glad Matt is gone, he and Dani were to on and off for me. I hope they give Nico and Dani a chance, I' think lust that, with their weird friendship, turns into love.


I'm not sure how I feel about last night episode yet. I think it was way too many changes to the show so soon. I was soon Team Matt so I wasn't happy about him marrying Noelle and leaving for Boston. It was so sad when him and TK was saying good-bye. The new coach telling teammates who can be their therapist was a bit much for me. I love the relationship of Dr.D and TK. Even though she has stated many times that TK is a client and not her friend, they really did form a strong friendship like bond. So the idea of the show centering on the V3 thing and away from the Hawks bothers me. I hope it doesn't mean less TK time. He is the reason I watch this show. I also wonder what that call at the end Nico made was about. Hopefully I'll come to enjoy the rest of the season after I see where things go from here.


I really enjoy this episode! The show needed changes, some fresh air. Now it's more attractive and interesting. But please writters, dont't expell TK. We love him. He gives us very funny moments.


This show I is completely different now, I liked it the way it was. I loved TK and Matt and the Whacks. I understand how a show has to evolve but really it is too different for me! I use to really love this show now I am not so sure.


Was Matt's character too square for Tv? He was the good guy, the one who tried to do the right thing, open, not mysterious like Nico or Connor. Mind you, I've always been a Nico fan and as much as I like Stamos, I will be peeved if he a Dani-Nico arc. By the way, what are the honchos of V3 hiding? Nico looked worried when Dani joined permanently. Whom did he call? The FBI?

Ronald simkins

V3 throws a whole new hook into the show. It managers players not teams so V3 might suck up TK and his gay buddy Rex. Coaches really don't have that much control of player contracts when they lapse.

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The therapist / client privilege is not an option like coleslaw or potato salad. It is an iron clad rule.


The only constant in football Dani, is change.