New CW Trailers: Which Show Looks Best?

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We're still months away from fresh CW programming.

But the network has given fans even more of a reason to be excited for its 2013-2014 schedule by releasing new, extended trailers for all five new dramas. Check them out below and then vote on the program for which you're most excited...


THE ORIGINALS: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and company deal with witches and vampire in New Orleans. (Tuesdays at 8/7c)

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: Peyton List and Robbie Amell are two hopes for the future of mankind (Wednesdays at 9/8c)

REIGN: Adelaide Kane is the Queen of Mary, stuck between two love interests. (Thursdays at 9/8c)

STAR-CROSSED: Aimee Teegarden, a human, falls for an alien life form who looks a lot like Matt Lanter. (Premiering midseason)

THE 100: Henry Ian Cusick and Isaiah Washington star in a drama that sends juvenile delinquents back to a destroyed planet to test its viability. (Premiering midseason)

So... which of these dramas looks most promising?

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the originals has witches so will be watching
the tomorrow people is the third version of a series i love so will be watching
despite it looking boring and too serious.
roswell meets alien nation and with that great a comparison you would think star crossed would be better than what it is. the actors are awful and cant aliens look more alien? and im just not feeling the trailer but will check out the first episode.
the 100. bunch of humans, not my cup of tea, but watched the trailer and....THAT is how you tease a show. wow what a great trailer, looks very interesting. better than the shows that i've known about and am hoping will do well and be good (though i doubt they will). im putting this up there with once upon a time in wonderland


I was too bored to get through 10 seconds of them all. Ouch CW, whatever you're doing, change it.


The Orginals looks the best,tbh :)


will give the 100 and tomorrow people a go, really hope the 100 is good as i like the whole post and pre apocalypse idea


same old same old, they all HAVE to be crazy good looking, there is a cheesy love story in every single one of these trailers, expect the originals but that's different cause they are already established characters. The 100 looks intriguing if only it had been done on cable the cheesiness would have gone...disappointed.


I am surprised by the 100 it looks much better than what I've seen before, the Originals is guaranteed and the tomorrow people looks good.


I'll be watching The Originals, though some of the others look interesting they don't intrigue me enough to start watching. I might end up hate-watching Reign though. But even from the previews, the historian in me is shriveling up and dying a cold lonely death. :(


The Tomorrow People looks the best!


I'm here for The Tomorrow People.


Tomorrow People and The Originals. Definitely look promising. And the 100, but I´ll wait for the pilot to decide.

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