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You're right Kit. I feel the same way, only thing Id add is I can't stand Regina. She pissed me off when she took Daphnes credit card.

Why does she get to be the one calling the shots?

She gets a say in Bays life but Kathryn has no say. That's bull!

And yea, I'm not gonna watch if it continues either. Who wants 2 see everyone drool ovefr Daph & ignore Bay.


Kit....have u watched this show from the beginning? Its bay who always wants the guy Daphne likes. Try and Daphne were friends with kinda feelings then bay stole him, Daphne was with Liam but broke it off because bay didn't want them together and then Daphne and emmit both had feelings and then bay started dating him....its bay not Daphne


I do not agree at all and I'm actually a Bay fan. She is always thinking everyone is down on her and that she can do whatever she wants. She didn't find a job so her dad had her work for him, understandable. Then when she did work for him instead of being mature and sucking it up she didn't even do her job, she just ignored it...that's ridiculous! Also she blames Daphne for everything and that is getting old! I'm sick of Bays 'wowe is me and I'm so unloved' attitude. She constantly is harsh and abrasive and pushes people away and then complains when no one wants to be around her....she did it with Emmit once they became friends again and she needed 'space' to do us on school bug then she started to dating a guy she didn't really like thus pushing Emmit away. She did if with Angelo to until he called her out and even Toby sees her doing it to Daphne


I agree with the Reviewer


At first Daphne was sweet and bright and unassuming. Then some legitimately crappy stuff got thrown her way and she was understandably upset and got a little bit of an attitude. But now it's just snowballing. Suddenly, she's got money and privilege and she's acting like a brat. It's like the writers are saying that this is how she would have turned out anyway if she'd been raised by the Kennishes.

On the other hand, the money never impressed Bay. She appreciated being able to afford things, but she was always pretty grounded about it. But everyone labeled her as whiny or ungrateful. And since then, they've all just been pushing her away. And Daphne manipulates the situation further, screwing Bay over one second and then playing the "oh poor me" card when she's called on it, and everyone buys it. I don't get it.

And seriously, Regina was spot on about the jobs. Nobody's going to be wowed by the fact that her dad handed her an internship.


Best part of the episode was the Emmet/Kevin male bonding and Emmet's Mom's reaction. But then I'm not really into the estrogen drama.


I totally agree it's like no one in the family cares about Bay it's always about Daphne and it's getting old. Daphne always wants the guy Bay has and doesn't seem to care. If it keeps going like this I might stop watching.

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