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Switched at Birth Season 2

"Departure of Summer"

On the Switched at Birth season 2 finale, Toby's parents consider telling the truth as the wedding approaches and with redeployment looming, Bay considers a long distance relationship with Ty.

"The Merrymakers"

Nikki gets a bachelorette party thanks to Bay and Daphne while Toby's bachelor party take an unexpected turn on Switched at Birth.

"What Goes Up Must Come Down"

Daphne continues to be frustrated by Jace while Bay and Ty head off on a camping trip on Switched at Birth.

"As the Shadows Deepen"

Emmett helps Bay with a special movie screen as she puts together Deaf Day at a local amusement park and Daphne gets a surprise when she runs into Chef Jeff on Switched at Birth.

"Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger"

Angelo fights for custody of his infant daughter and struggles with his relationship with Bay on the latest Switched at Birth.

"The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living"

Bay isn't entirely comfortable when she meets an Army medic who served with Ty while Daphne's family obligations impact her time with Jace on Switched at Birth.

"Ecce Mono"

What would have happened to the girls if Regina had revealed the switch when she first found out? Catch a glimpse of an alternate future on Switched at Birth.

"He Did What He Wanted"

Bay finds new information about Ty and Mary Beth while Angelo becomes a member of the country club on Switched at Birth.

"The Good Samaritan"

Bay attempts to help Toby relieve some stress by getting a gig for his band on Switched at Birth.

"Distorted House"

As Bay and Ty reconnect, she learns some surprising news about his time in the military while Daphne and Kathryn don't agree with Bay's decision to stay with Regina on Switched at Birth.

"Mother and Child Divided"

On the summer premiere of Switched at Birth, Regina returns from rehab to find that Daphne has bonded with her biological parents while Bay runs into Ty.

"Introducing the Miracle"

The students at Carlton find out if their protests were successful while Emmet considers informing Bay about Noah and Daphne's kiss on Switched at Birth.


Bay is met with resistance when she tries to join Daphne in a protest to keep the school open on Switched at Birth. This entire episode will be told in American Sign Language.

"Tight Rope Walker"

A pilot program for hearing students causes an uproar among the deaf students at Carlton and Daphne gets trapped in the middle on Switched at Birth.

"Drive in the Knife"

Bay and Noah's relationship is on a high while Daphne and Travis argue on Switched at Birth.


Noah and Travis get into a fight at Bay's anti-Valentine's Day party while Lana and Angela agree to a temporary truce on Switched at Birth.

"The Acquired Inability to Escape"

Kathryn volunteers at Carlton in the hopes of getting closer to Bay while Daphne feels uncomfortable around Travis on Switched at Birth.

"Dressing for the Charade"

On Switched at Birth, Bay must deal with her changing relationship with Angelo while Daphne considers taking things to the next level with Travis.

"Duel of Two Women"

On Switched at Birth, when there is continued conflict between the hearing and deaf students at Carlton, Melody hosts a tolerance retreat.

"The Awakening Conscience"

On Switched at Birth, Bay joins an program at Carlton geared towards those with deaf siblings. Regina finds out about Angelo's baby.

"The Door to Freedom"

On the winter premiere of Switched at Birth, Bay faces the music when she's accused of cheating and Daphne finds trouble because of Jeff.

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