Necessary Roughness Review: Burning the House Down

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"Snap Out of It" was full of shocks, as Dani, Nico, and TK all headed down roads I never expected. 

Even the patient of the week took a surprisingly serious turn.

Undercover at V3

Ioan Grufford guest starred as Nolan Powers. I loved Grufford in Ringer and his guest appearance on Castle Season 5 - and he didn't disappoint here. Nolan Powers was a complicated man who didn't believe in therapy and needed it more than most. 

I was shocked when Nolan's fiance came forward with his e-mails to a 12-year old girl. Necessary Roughness normally doesn't visit the dark side and that type of child abuse seemed like quite a departure for the show. As it turned out, the abuse happened long ago.

When Nolan passed the polygraph and Dani and Nico found the kids drawings strewn around his room, I had a pretty good idea where this story was heading.

Nolan had multiple personality disorder after being abused as a child. His alternate personality was a young boy named Scotty who literally tried to burn the house down to get help. Unfortunately, Nolan wasn't listening.

I found the story line particularly disturbing since Nolan started off by telling Dani he wanted to kill himself. Without help, how long will it be before either Nolan or Scotty decide they can't live with the torment and decide to end it all?  

I really don't think Connor understood the possible consequences that could occur if his good friend continued to avoid therapy.  I hope the show revisits Nolan Powers in the future as they actually have me concerned over a fictional character's well being.

There were more surprises in this episode. That Nico was working for the Feds wasn't one of them. I assumed they were holding charges over his head to get his help with V3. What I didn't expect was Nico to pull strings to get to see someone being held by Immigration. Could this be related to the Pittmans or is it something else all together?

TK and his new lady love Sheera made quite the couple. They could be quite the powerhouse with his Brickhouse Lingerie, if only they can figure out how to communicate and move forward together. Right now it appears that Sheera has taken over and her intentions aren't entirely clear.

The biggest shocker of the night was Dani and Sam. Yes, he was handsome and charming but so are all of the other men in Dani's life. Was the appeal of Sam that she had no past with him and that he'd be off to LA the next day? I really didn't expect Dr. Santino to go the route of a one night stand. 

And being a proud member of Team Nico, I was more than a little disappointed.

How about you? Did Dani deserve to have her fun? Is sleeping with Sam just a fling or is he looking for more? And how will Connor and Nico react if they find out? We'll have to wait for next week's Necessary Roughness to find out.


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Loved your so accurately described all the points that struck me, too. Liked your writing. I hope the one-night-stand storyline doesn't degenerate into stalked-saved-by-Nico-land...Sam seems weird. I like Matt for Dani. I thought Dani going for the 1-nighter was out of IS more like real life that way. People make mistakes. Life converges on you and you sometimes do something WAY out of your norm.


As an adult unattached woman in a similar professional setting as Dani I can only say "You go girl!" Why not enjoy the company of a single handsome man. The only men she's had sex with are Ray and Matt. Why shouldn't she explore this side of herself in a way that harms no one. Would we even be having the conversation if it were one of the male characters enjoying a night of strings free pleasure? Nico did with the league lawyer and then there's Gabrielle. Shed those double standards


Been pondering whether I was going to watch the show anymore. The latest episode made up my mind. Don't need this crap. I'm so out of here!!!


The person that Nico wanted to visit was named Alex Careles, so I am thinking family member. Honestly, the Nico storyline is the most intriguing for me, and I am really amped to see where it goes!
I dont think Dani would have actually gone into Sam's room if he didn't open the door. However, it disappointed me when she did, as I would really have liked for her to confront her unresolved feelings for Nico, instead of avoiding them by hooking up with someone she just met. I bring this up because when Paloma asked what was holding her back, I feel like Dani knew/realized it was Nico and it scared her, so sleeping with Sam was a way to maybe try and fight those feelings because in her mind she STILL thinks Nico and her would never work. Even though they are more alike than she realizes! ... Here's to hoping Dani opens her eyes to the guy whose been standing in front of her the whole time!
Also hat's off to Ioan Gruffud!!! He did a fantastic job, and I hope we see him again!


That is how she met the other guy. it was one night stand


Speaking as someone with personal experience with a friend with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), I must admit I was pleased with the shows portrayel of it and its effects. Connor's acceptance of Nolan's decision to not get treatment, while foolish in the extreme, is also not too unexpected. Sometimes people simply cannot accept these things. But I hope that seeing Scotty come forward in front of him might compel him to get his friend to get some help.


I think Connor knew about it and of course Nico won't be happy. Dani's acting more and more immature and less professional each week. Have you watched her walk, she sometimes looks a teenager the first time she walked in heels. I'm liking the show more for Connor and Nikko than her until she takes control and solves the problem of the week. Of course she should have romance in her life it should be Nico not the handsome man of the week, they would make a powerful couple.

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