Rookie Blue Round Table: "Skeletons"

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Rookie Blue pulled some "Skeletons" out of the closet this week, leaving several characters struggling to deal with the consequences.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando hosts fans Alison and SeanAndEmma from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum for this week's Rookie Blue Round Table, where we debate what Nick will do next and if Andy really was Sam's "personal punching bag."


What was your favorite scene?

Alison: I have to go with the Gail/Ross Perik scene. Charlotte's acting was fab with her coldness/toughness and then spilling her secrets to the chilling Perik who referred to Jung and Frankl.

SeanAndEmma: My favorite scene was when Dov and Ollie were working together.

Christine: Nick and Gail's conversation in the truck. Finally they were honest with one another and it was heartbreaking.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was Sam treating Andy as his emotional "personal punching bag"?

Alison: I think he did at first because she knows him the best and was there with him when Jerry died.  Sam is obviously still struggling with his emotions, but he did apologize to her later.  Baby steps.

SeanAndEmma: Was Sam treating Andy as his emotional punching bag? I would say yes. He wasn't being nice to her.

Christine: I think he was taking out is distress on Andy in much the same way he did after Jerry died and I was proud of Andy for calling him on it.

Do you think Nick will pursue Andy now that he and Gail are over?

Alison: I think Nick is going to try to spend more time with Andy and she'll step up as his break-up buddy. Nick better watch it, though.

SeanAndEmma: Yes, I can tell he has feelings for her.

Christine: Even though his head will tell him it's not a good idea, I don't think he'll be able to help himself.

Now that Luke's back, is their a female character you'd like to see him paired with?

Alison: I really liked Luke's scenes with Gail. I think they could make an interesting team and they can relate to one another.

SeanAndEmma: Yes, Gail.

Christine: I agree with both of you. Gail and Luke would make an interesting couple and I want to see more.

Who most needed a hug? Traci, Gail or Shaw?

Alison: Trick question, I think they all needed one. Gail at the end had me feeling bad for her standing in the cold rain, even though I don't agree with her insecure cheating behavior.

SeanAndEmma: I would say Traci because of what happened with Jerry.

Christine: Traci's quiet heartbreak had me in tears. The girl most definitely needs a hug.

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What a disappointing season. Despite the boasts of the writers who imagine to have written a Nobel Prize or an Oscar, I think this has been very negative.

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene?
As always there were many. I will go with Dov and Oliver near the end when Oliver said he filed for divorce, Oliver and Dov both need a friend right now and I like that friendship. Was Sam treating Andy as his emotional "personal punching bag"?
Yes I think he was. I love Sam but Jerry dying was not her fault and he seems to still be blaming her a bit. I am glad she called him out on it and that he apologized to her. Do you think Nick will pursue Andy now that he and Gail are over?
Not sure, I think he knows she sees him as more of a brother, he also knows that she is still in love with Sam. even though she is trying to move on. Now that Luke's back, is their a female character you'd like to see him paired with?
Gail. I like them together. Who most needed a hug? Traci, Gail or Shaw?
That is hard...I will say Traci.


Fav scene: Gail/Perik, though I wish she would have hit on prodding Perik's ego about the copycat showing him up sooner. Would have liked her to kick ass a little more, along with being emotionally brutalized by him. Yes, I think Sam's been harboring a lot of both legit & irrational anger toward Andy. I hope reliving this allowed him to finally let it go. So glad Andy was understanding at first, but called him out later. Apology was 1st sign all season that Sam actually is growing, not just avoiding. I HATE that the question about Nick pursuing Andy is even being asked before the corpse of the Pollins relationship is even cold, let alone buried. RIP Pollins. All need a hug, but especially Traci!! At least she had Quick Draw McShotGlass to keep her company. I like Steve more than expected.


Excellent performances by Gail and Traci. Nick? how they lived day after Gail left alone in the parking lot? She felt betrayed because she was unfaithful while he is also mentally dreaming Andy. Hope you NEVER EVER give that relationship. Andy belongs to Sam.


They changed both Sam's behavior this season there are times beyond recognition, and to this eps. looks a punishing sport Andy. Always sad in this season. Cheap shots for her (end 4x3, 4x5, etc..). I do not know why the writers have changed both the couple "star". None of the magic that was in season 1 and 2.


Love all of your answers! I totally agree with Alison, all three of them need a hug (so does Andy, she had to give Sam and Frank the news that it was connected to Jerry's death)

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