Rookie Blue Round Table: "The Kids Are Not Alright"

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After yet another week off, Rookie Blue came back with "The Kids Are Not Alright" - and, thankfully, we should have only new episodes the rest of the summer.

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined below by Rookie Blue Fanatics Kelsey, Sarah, and Natalie from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum to debate whether Gail was in the right when she told off Chloe and whether or not she should be worried about Nick and Andy.


Which scene in "The Kids Are Not Alright" was your favorite?

Kelsey: Definitely the awkward scene with Sam and Andy. With all the drama they've been laying on thick with these two this season it was nice to see a lighter side, and see that the sexual tension was back.

Sarah: My favorite scene of the night had to be the end when Andy is talking to Alex in the hospital room. That storyline was written well and Andy's talk was very honest and genuine coming from her. I really felt for Alex and what she was going through. I do have to say that I loved Sam in the interrogation room too. Sam becoming a detective was a good move.

Natalie: I giggled so hard while Chloe was trying to get info about Dov from Nick; loved that he wasn't cruel or non-nonchalant but actually gave her a sincere reply.

Christine: Gail's tirade for Chloe at the party was great. I love Gail's snarkiness and even though she was harsh and I kind of like Chloe, I enjoyed every word. Chloe sucker punching her with the revelation about Nick and Andy was just the icing on the cake.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was Gail justified in telling off Chloe?

Kelsey:  I don't think she was. Not everyone is as cynical as Gail and personally I think Chloe is breath of fresh air. I think her and Dov would make the cutest couple, especially since her eagerness reminds me of Dov in Rookie Blue Season 1.

Sarah: Gail was definitely too harsh when she told Chloe off and I don't think Chloe deserved it even with how annoying she may be. Gail and Chloe both have very strong personalities and I don't think she was justified in saying what she did. Chloe's comeback was priceless though and I'm glad Gail is now aware of Nick's possible feelings for Andy.

Natalie: I felt like her idea/advice was justified (Chloe was way too pushy) BUT I think her message would have actually had an impact if she phrased it in a less abrasive way.

Christine: I'm on the fence on this one. Yes, she was way too harsh but Chloe just showing up on Dov's doorstep multiple times was over the line. Gail was trying to protect her friend…plus Chloe annoys the heck out of her. Should she have delivered the message in a nicer way? Definitely, but this is Gail we're talking about.

Should Gail be worried about Nick and Andy?

Kelsey:  No, but maybe that's just the hopeful McSwarek shipper in me talking. True he has abandoned her twice, but I really don't think he can ignore how much Andy still loves Sam, after spending 6 months together he should have realized this by now and know that he could never match up to Sam.

Sarah: Yes, Gail should be worried about Andy and Nick. I am worried about Andy and Nick too! Those glances Nick has been giving Andy since the beginning of the season and his comment to Chloe about his and Andy's time undercover seem like a little more than just a platonic friendship. I would love to see Gail confront Nick on where his heart is at.

Natalie: I don't think so, Nick is a good person, so I think/hope he would be frank about his feelings for someone else if they became more intense.

Christine: Oh yeah! Nick is a good person and he cares for Gail but the heart wants what the heart wants and right now his seems to be leaning heavily towards Andy. Not sure if it will go anywhere but if I were Gail, I'd be worried.

Do Chris and Denise have a chance?

Kelsey:  I really want to see Chris happy, but the way he's been acting since he got back together with Denise I just don't think he really is anymore. I don't think him getting back together with her just because of Christian was the right thing to do. So no, I don't think they'll last.

Sarah:  I don't think Chris and Denise have a chance. Chris loves his son, but I don't think there is any love left between the two of them. If I were Chris I would never again be able to trust someone who kept my child away from me for two years no matter the circumstances. If there is no trust, then they cannot build on their relationship.

Natalie: No way, Denise with her season 1 ultimatum of marriage and then hiding being pregnant, Chris can do better. How many signs does he need that she doesn't have his best interest in mind?

Christine: I'm with Sarah. Hiding his child from him would be a huge obstacle to get over. I think they need to figure out how to co-parent and move on because they both seem miserable together.

Other than McSwarek, which couple would you like to see together?

Kelsey:  I know this ship sailed a while ago but I really like Gail and Chris together.

Sarah: I really like the Dov and Chloe pairing. I think their personalities compliment each other very well. I like seeing Dov flustered when he is working with her and I think she can bring out a different side to Dov that we haven't really seen yet. I look
forward to see where they take this relationship.

Natalie: Hmm, I guess Dov and Chloe. She has wormed her way into my heart, I think she is cute!

Christine: I was always disappointed that they never gave Dov and Gail a chance. I always thought they had a really unique chemistry and I wish we'd seen more of it.

Now it's YOUR turn, TV Fanatics. Do you think Gail should be concerned about Nick and Andy?

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Great review. The 'awkward' scene between Sam and Andy was classic McSwarek, just need to see more McSwarek, this season. Also hoping that S5 brings us even more McSwarek!


RB was renewed! I hope that the season 5 with McSwareck make us happy because this S4 is to mourn with Andy.


Favorite scene: Andy telling Alex that suicide is not the answer and things will get better little by little. Such a great message! I also got a kick out of Sam/Andy running into each other in the hallway because there's so much between them in the little bits we do get. Gail justified to Chloe?: She was pretty mean, but that's how Gail is and it's fun to watch. And now there's someone to dish it back to her. Gail worried about Nick and Andy?: She should definitely be worried about Nick. Nick is not being honest with her. I enjoyed the Nick/Gail relationship, but it too seems doomed. Chris/Denise: To co-parent? Yes. To stay together? No. Couple would I like to see together: Chloe/Dov


Best scene: Andy/Alex and Sam/Caesar, but I liked all the ones mentioned Gail to Chloe: Typical Gail, a fair point delivered with too much malice...and so evilly fun to watch Gail def needs to be worried. That was very clear already, but the webisode sealed it. They wrote Nick/Gail almost as mismatched as Chris & Denise lately, and the latter couple is doomed. Other couples: Chloe & Dov or Chloe & Nick; anyone but Sam/Marlo or Andy/Nick, which is unfortunately what we're probably gonna be stuck watching

Sarah silva

Which scene in "The Kids Are Not Alright" was your favorite?
There were so many great moments and it is hard to pick one but I will go with the roof top campout not the Gail and Chloe being mean to eachother part but the gesture that Dov made was great! Was Gail justified in telling off Chloe?
While Chloe is acting desperate and showing up every morning at a guys house that has not said he likes you is not good. However there were nicer ways to tell Chloe to back off. Should Gail be worried about Nick and Andy?
Yes a little bit. It seemed to me that since Nick joined the force he has had a bit of a thing for Andy. I say it all the time I like many are Team Sandy but there will be a long road there. Do Chris and Denise have a chance?
I do not think they have a chance, it is possible to raise a child apart.
Chris just does not seem happy. Other than McSwarek, which couple would you like to see together?
Dov and Gail.

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