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OK, it's time for Harvey and Donna to bring Louis onto/into the Team. I can't tell you how bad I felt at the end of this last episode for Louis. Geez, he can't catch a break. And no I don't hate Harvey, he is the one that was betrayed, yes I feel his pain. Betrayal is hard to overcome, disloyalty too. So give Harvey and break too.


I am liking Louis more in every episode. I think that Harvey is acting like a spoiled brat. Donna and Louis should definitely get together.


It needs to be said, harvey is a #%&$ing dick. Wish mike will stay with louis. Its not like harvey can report mike's fraud to the BAR without taking the entire firm down.


Suits is one of those rare shows that make me stop and think "what would I have done?".

After Harvey's loyalty speech last week, there was a perfect opportunity un-taken for Mike to have shown loyalty to both Lewis and Harvey by leaving Harvey in that office telling him that he would have to convince Lewis to give him (Mike) up. That could have resulted in an excellent, truly sincere scene between Lewis and Harvey, those are brilliant and too few and far between.


what harvey did to louis was despicable, i hate him for that, louis didn't deserve that, i was crushed

donna making harvey forgive mike? wtf, doesn't harvey have a mind of his own? does he always have to listen to donna?

and rachel had every right to be mad at donna, donna messed up too

as for harvey wanting to take down jessica? he went to far in my opinion


I've always liked Louis, and I genuinely felt bad for him during this episode. There was no way that Mike didn't end up back with Harvey at some point. Louis deserves his own 'Mike'.


I never thought I'd like Louis more than Harvey, but that's definitely where I'm at so far this season ...

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