And the Next Food Network Star Is...

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One hour of filler produced one new Food Network Star winner last night.

Indeed, the series pitted bubbly Damaris against calm Russell against over-the-top Rodney on a finale that capped a strong season of the Food Network favorite... only it wasted about 59 minutes with recaps, bloopers and a question about the definition of "Pie Style."

It wasn't exactly the most exciting way to crown a winner - but crown a winner the program did!

Food Network Star People

So, who did America select? DAMARIS!

She quickly thanked the judges and the viewers and that was it for Season 9.

Did the right contestant win it all? Sound off now:

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How can a guy who winds up at the bottom of every challenge be in the final three? The pie man wasn't even a contender. Suzie and Bob need to be dumped from any part of this network. Of course they chose Demaris, since they fired the greatest southern cook of all.....Paula Deen. It wasn't even a contest! I don't care for Giada as she makes so many mistakes on her own show it's pathetic. The real winner was the gal whom Alton Brown thought was not ''showing enough of herself.'' She had class and a great personality. Everyone needs to mix it up and STOP having the same ol' judges on year after year. I thought the whole series stunk and I won't be watching another one of these long, drawn-out ''star'' shows again!