Graceland Review: Falling Down

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It seems the "King's Castle" is about ready to crumble.

Between the animosity erupting between housemates and the truths that are slowly creeping to the surface, is there anyway Graceland can ever be the same?

Charlie's Mission

We all knew it was coming: the inevitable moment when Mike would come out and tell Briggs the real truth about his assignment to Graceland. Little did Briggs know, I'm sure, that the revelation was only a result of Mike's desire to assess the validity of claims he might have been responsible for the death of Juan Badillo.

Of course, Briggs quickly found out he was, in fact, to blame for this event, under the impression that Badillo was actually Jangles. Big surprise, bro! And on top of that, it's another secret that Briggs is going to have to do his best to keep from the house.

Funny thing is, the more secrets he's forced to keep, the more sketch he looks. Rightly so. He went so far as to falsely invite Bello to a meet... only to have him catch Mike and Charlie having a conversation about the case, blowing his cover wide open. Why did he do that? To protect the fact that he's created a false identity as Odin that Bello would have spilled the beans to Mike eventually.

The worst part about it was the fact that Mikey incurred additional damage to an already vulnerable wound. Even I wanted to double over seeing him in pain like that, as if I had been the one randomly assaulted.

It really stuck out to me that the house Briggs has always been so fierce in protecting might actually be crumbling from the foundation up, seeing as Briggs always seems to be the one intent on controlling it and keeping it their safe haven. With all the secrets coming out, this house could likely implode, with Briggs the clear epicenter.

Then there's the business of Jakes' birthday. Johnny has probably never worked so hard in his life on something so seemingly insignificant. To Johnny, it was like they were planning an end-of-the-world bash. I would not have found seven strippers and a bounce house to be the ideal birthday bash, but then again, who am I to judge?

I have to wonder, though, why it is that Johnny wouldn't have figured out at some point exactly why Jakes is so adamant about not celebrating the big day? I know everyone has secrets in the house, but one wonders how Jakes acted the previous year. If he wasn't as drunk as he was tonight, I suppose Jakes managed to effectively hold in whatever feelings motivated his actions this time around.

One moment that really made the episode, and in many ways brought home everything that was going on in the house, was Johnny's speech about how he was just trying to do something for his family that would allow them to be normal for a second. Really, it's not too much to ask. But in the grand scheme of things, it's the most daunting request in the world, considering the fact that nothing about their situation is normal.

How much longer do you think Briggs can go without bringing the other housemates in on his secret?


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Agree with 54. The plot seems to be crumbling and the characters are turning on each other like mad dogs and the `undercover agents` seem unable to keep anything to themselves. The prime example is Briggs saves his pal career and then she tells everyone about his complicity and then starts investigating him.
Johnny is the most irritating character. It is a house full of undercover agents not `friends` FFS. On the other hand, it is pretty watchable and a 2nd season would be good.


I liked this episode. It seems like Mike and Paige are doing better but they migh still have some issues to work out. I wonder what Briggs is going to do now that he knows he killed a federal agent and not jangles. I agreed with Johnny's speech at the end all he was trying to do was have a normal night because the rest of the time there dealing with drug dealers and being shot at and stabbed. He might have done it the wrong way but he was trying to do a nice thing. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


Sometimes this show gets too melodramatic. That scene with Johnny in the end was a prime example. I found myself cringing at the speech rather then agreeing with what he was saying.


Wow this was one lousy episode. Hope it picks up cause I'm with fiftyfour. Instead of getting better, this show is getting worse.

Ronald simkins

This is a really good show so what are very negative ratings? Can I vote 300 times? I have seen for some really good shows. Moderators?

Sarah silva

If Graceland does not get a second season the USA network is crazy!
This was a great episode!
I felt bad for Johnny! Jakes is in a bad placed and should not have hit Johnny. I liked his speech to the house after that happened.
I was not surprised that Mike told Briggs he was sent there to investigate him, but if he ever finds out Briggs killed Juan I think Mike's opinion of him may change.
Charlie is getting ever so close to finding out that Briggs is Odin. I really hope she does not reveal that to "Jangles".
No episode next week then we have a couple more before the finale and I think the you-know-what will hit the fan.


Liking the show less and less. The jangles character seems familiar from another show and the characters seem to echo NCIS. The story line is getting too unbelievable. Even in the fantacy world of television drama there needs to be some anchor to reality.


Johnny remind me of Tony from NCIS he keep his pain and secret inside and how stupid can that one female agent be you think she would notice the blood on the Mexican guy jacket.


One of the better episodes. I started to like Mike a bit early on this episode but Mike ruined it again. I don't like Johnny anymore. Mike's new handler is worse than Juan.

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