Graceland Review: Lies and More Lies

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After a two week hiatus, Graceland returned with another high stakes episode.

From Mike's encounter with Bello to Briggs' other secret about playing Odin coming closer and closer to getting out, it seems as if all the lies that once laid dormant came home to roost in "Bag Man."

Pushing Harder

We always knew Mike would have to fly too close to the sun in order to achieve the bust he's worked so hard to make, but we had to know it wouldn't be long before that sacrifice would take its toll.

Of course, we should have guessed that it would be Mike's relationship with Abby that would serve as the safety valve through which he unleashed his frustrations, in the sense that he invited her back to the house and allowed her upstairs - wrong rule to break, bro. And, of course, Paige was there to put Mike in his place, as always.

What I think I liked most about this episode was that it actually confronted the risks and sacrifices Mike is taking head on. It's not a new theme and the manifestations of its consequences are certainly not the first, nor will they be the last, that we've seen play out in Graceland. I am only sorry that Abby had to go. I really liked her. Then again, if you asked Paige, this was clearly the only plausible outcome.

In some ways, we can say that Briggs once again getting away with playing Odin was the other plausible outcome which we should have expected. Briggs is already burned beyond recognition in my eyes. He is fast approaching a point of no return with this Odin bit, and I wouldn't put it past Charlie or Johnny to be the first to completely blow his cover.

Briggs' multitude of secrets are such that they are really going to bring the house down, figuratively and very possibly literally. Not only is he working with his drug addiction, he's now parading around as a kingpin. One wonders if he really didn't create the persona to put something bigger in motion. Did Briggs ever consider the possibility of the walls closing in on him all at once at any time in the future? 

Part of me can't believe he's not telling his housemates what he's done. I get he's already in pretty deep, but, seriously, with everyone looking questioning already, there isn't really much left to go sideways besides him actually getting ejected from the bureau all together. Mike already put the Bureau on high alert with regards to his acquired addiction. When will it move in?

And how long do you think Briggs has before the gig is up?


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Stuk up by Idiot Ball/The Plot Demands It.


I love this show, especially Mike, Briggs and Charlie. All are great actors, and great scripts make this show different than any other on TV. I also think Briggs is running the "long con" pretending to be Odin to get Jangles for what he did to him. Briggs can't tell anyone about it, they would tell the Bureau. Too bad Mike told the Bureau about Briggs' addiction, he will regret that later on when all the facts come out. I think it is Mike who gets shot because in a promo he says to Briggs that he has 11 stitches and also you see Mike on the floor with Johnny over him.


I'm sorry Abby had to go (or so it seems). It may be a while before we're treated to a half-naked Aaron Tveit again *drool pant pant*

Sarah silva

Looks like some viewers gave the episode a 2! Not sure why? This was a fantastic episode! I gave it a 5.
There are always twists!
I was not sure how Briggs was going to meet with Bello but he found a way. Every week I go back and forth with whether I like Briggs or not but after this episode I do not like him. We will see how the rest of the season pans out but at this moment I am not sure if he could do anything that would make me like him again.
Charlie is super smart! She knows about Briggs and Johnny did not 100% believe but in the back of his mind I am sure he does and I wish that they could have found Briggs in the apartment, but I guess it is too early for him to be revealed as Odin.
I knew taking Abby to Graceland was a bad idea. I can feel for Mike, but he had to know that in his line of work being in a relationship would be hard.
So next week someone finds out about Mike's secret and some one gets shot because of it. Sadly I think it will be Johnny!


Briggs is playing the "long con" to get back at the cartel and Jangles. He's setting things in motion for Bello and the cartel to have an all out war. Too bad Mike dropped a dime on Briggs with the bureau. That will come back to bite a pit bull.


Briggs is obviously only playing the part of Odin to get back at the Caza Cartel and Jangles for turning him into a junkie, at least that's what I think he's doing...

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