Hawaii Five-0 Casts Danny's Mother!

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Another CBS show is preparing fans to meet the mother.

According to the Hawaii Five-0 Twitter feed, veteran actress Melanie Griffith will appear on a Season 4 episode of this CBS hit as Danny's mother.

No word yet on just when she'll debut or what brings the character to town, but Griffith is merely the latest impressive name to be added to the show's upcoming guest star list.

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With Hawaii Five-0 moving to Fridays and returning September 27, fans can look forward to spots by the following actors:

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Love everything about this show.... the writers/storylines/and all the departments that make it all come together... and that cast!!! Without saying a word, just the look of them is mesmerizing...handsome, beautiful, talented, --- All so perfectly fit for their respective roles...not to mention what a delight just to watch them move across the screen... and who step in with their over-the-top performances -- they all blend together to put forth and deliver to us an outstanding hour of entertainment every week... been #1 fan of it all from Day 1 - who could ask for anything more: it's fun... it's dramatic ...its lovable -- etc......its everything it should be and then some .... and love the array of guest stars-- Please keep this series going forever! A real winner!!!

Mrs cleaver



PL says they have a great arc for Kono. The last great arc for Kono was a total disaster, hope they do better yhis time.


I want Kono/Grace back. Just because the original male Kono only lasted until season 3 is no reason Kono/Grace has to go. I'll be watching for her. Also, let's visit Chin's cousin aka George Takei again. And another appearance of Jimmy Buffett would NOT go amiss.


i'm NOT a huge fan of this actress....however, i've read else where....it was Scott Caan's idea....they worked together on his play....and aparently, she played the mother to his character or something. to be HONEST: i think tptb are messing up with ALL the GUEST STARS....while i want to see MORE about danny's family, as well as chin & kono's and NOT so much of steve's after last season....it's can be OVER KILL.....i will give this casting a chance, because it's about TIME for the other character's backgrounds/family to be played out....it was TOP HEAVY with the DORIS/WO FAT thing last season and NO ANSWERS.....we need MORE about the CORE 4...i.e. steve, danny, kono and chin....and FAR LESS of CATHERINE...and we need MORE OF "MCDANNO" and danny with his daughter grace....and MCDANNO & GRACE. alisa


Good Lord!!! Where did they dig her up from - at least her lips have gone down in size. Glad I don't watch that show with any regularity. It's ALMOST as bad as when they put the Activia Queen on NCIS - the only shows I could NOT watch


Will danny's dad return? Danny's brother? Steve's college roommate?

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