Necessary Roughness Review: Wild Card

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Necessary Roughness was filled with wild cards this week, as "Bringing the Heat" featured everyone trying to hang on when things spun out of control.

Is She Happy?

Let's start with TK, who seemed plenty happy to be back with Coach Purnell in Jersey. To prove it, he mooned a room full of reporters. So much for the new and improved TK. 

But his breakup with Sheera was hitting him hard and it wasn't helping that she wouldn't back down. Connor's advice was to get a new cell phone and hop in the sack with someone else, advice that TK seemed willing to take until Sheera showed up. And then he ended up in bed with her.

The next morning Sheera was thinking they'd had great makeup sex while TK explained his version of events in this Necessary Roughness quote

TK: You know all that make up sex we had. That was actually break up sex. | permalink

Who could have predicted that the already mildly unstable Sheera wouldn't take that well? I almost couldn't blame her for trashing his place. These two obviously care about one another, but that doesn't mean they aren't a train wreck in the making. 

Perhaps I'm wrong and Sheera's right as she begged TK…

Sheera: Don't let the past ruin what could be an incredible future. | permalink

Despite all their passion, I just can't picture marriage in their future. I'll be shocked if they prove me wrong.

Back at V3, Dani was spinning in circles. First Paloma was out with a family emergency... at the same time that Troy was supposedly in Germany on business. Coincidence? I doubt it. 

And one of her first patient's at V3, Hutch, was quickly spiraling out of control. The self-induced vomiting was not something I ever saw coming, nor was the Joseph Crabcheck connection that linked Dani's patient to Nico's case.

Speaking of Nico, did you see the look on his face when he ran in the door thinking Dani was in danger? That certainly got his attention.

With Dani quitting V3 and showing Nico the door for keeping her in the dark, he finally manned up and kissed her. It's been far too long. Nico knows what he needs to do to win Dani. He gave the same advice to Connor.

Dr Santino responds to one thing. Honesty. | permalink

Is he willing to let Dani in on his undercover assignment to have a chance at a relationship with her? I hope so. Because Dani and Nico belong together and I'd like to see them have their shot. How about you?


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You write very well!


TEAM NICO!!!! They need to give it try it could really work for both characters. And if they don't then move on from it with a good replacement for both of them!!!


I am hoping that they finally commit to the Nico/Dani relationship, although I'd like to see her make a move in that direction first for a change. While I get that she felt abandoned, I am hoping that her stunt in getting him over to talk, confirmed for her that, in fact, his shutting her out was not about hurting her and that she'll move past that. Even though he's not necessarily handled all this with her well, he's always been concerned with not breaking the relationship beyond repair. I would like to see Dani show that she cares about him and the relationship, too, and not just the fact that he hurt her and she wants an explanation.


At this point they need to give the Nico-Dani relationship a shot or move on past it. And I'm all on board that train.

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