Perception Review: This Means War

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"Wounded" got personal for Perception, bringing a face from Daniel's past back to his present, while a case involving rape and murder sent Kate on a mission for justice.

It was good to see the events involved in the hour impacted the characters in a way that meant something more than just solving the crime, even if I wanted to see more of certain aspects from it.

Donnie Tries To Help

For Daniel, he was a bit more sidelined in his role, although the hallucinations did guide him towards the eventual conclusion of Rickford as the killer, or at least the rapist of the war hero. Allegedly.

Except that's more or less a typical format for him. Rather, it was great to see his college love, Miranda, arrive years later as if to rekindle a romance. The former Mrs. Ari Gold of Entourage fame certainly has the hots for Daniel both then (choosing to turn down a golden opportunity to be with him) and now (getting cozy and reminiscing over their glory day youth.) Go Daniel!

But aside from a great potential romance between these two, the flashbacks revealed more to Daniel in his desires not to let her give up on something she wanted, breaking up with her in order to do so.

Selfish? Selfless? It's debatable, but I'm sure his intentions were good, even if the end result was messy. Seeing that past set to a song titled, "Don't You (Forget About Me)," makes you easily want him to remember everything good and dive in for that second chance.

Except he can't or he won't. Either way, you wish the highly intelligent doctor would be able to get past his issues with the situation. Maybe, with time. After all, she is looking to set roots down. Maybe DJ will get a chance.

But the hour really was central to Kate, who was the gung-ho force in trying to originally solve a crime involving a soldier, a rape and a congressman's son.

She was driven, focused and willing to step out of bounds to get her man. Don't get me wrong, the guy she was going after was an arrogant jerk. C'mon, stop bragging about things you didn't do, man.

But I wish there was more of a reason that Kate was so adamant in catching the bad guy besides the principle point of putting away a rapist. I wouldn't want him to get away with it either, especially if he's using his high place connections to keep him out of jail. Yet, the proof that he did it was merely circumstantial and without the actual blood evidence to distinguish that he did have and give herpes, Donnie's hands were tied in the matter. Sorry, Eliot Ness.

It was bold that she went after Rickford, but wearing her bulletproof vest seemed like she knew she was preparing for trouble. Probably not the smartest move, even with her being suspended.

And I know that Kate is supposed to be a bit of a wild card, but I wish that maybe something in her past triggered a bigger reason to her going rogue. It could have even been an event that led her to joining the FBI in the first place.

Either way, bullets went flying and Rickford was shot by Kate. Things are not looking good for the suspended FBI agent, even if her heart and goals were in the right place. I just hope Donnie and Daniel can find a way to pull her out of the predicament (probably) and ultimately prove that Rickford was in the wrong the whole time.

Looks like a "To be continued" will have to hold viewers at bay for the time being. Otherwise an okay Perception episode, but I would have liked to see less commando Kate and more Kate as a person behind the badge. Hopefully, the follow up will touch on that side and even explore Donnie and Kate's past some more as well.


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Being from Chicago, I love to watch for mistakes in this show. In this episode, Kate says she will use her time off to go to Billy Goat's and gain weight on the fries. Except, Billy Goat's does not serve fries. Just chips. Only chips. Cheaps, cheaps, cheaps. This fact was made famous on Saturday Night Live back in the 70's with John Belushi. No fries -- chips.


I didn't think this episode was too contrived or implausible, as I can almost empathize with Kate's frustration at being told to leave a rapist/murder alone. What does make it implausible is the fact that Kate is almost certainly going to get her job back in the next episode after all the questionable calls she's made, unless the writers make the unlikely decision to get rid of her. A non-FBI Kate wouldn't make any sense in the series, and an FBI Kate would be too unrealistic.


Sloppy, contrived and lacking in sense.


I was wondering what happened to the woman he bought home from the bar, and did he drug her?


Something that might swing things in Kate's favor is that she got shot too, hence her strained speaking voice at the end of the episode. She just had the foresight to wear a vest. When the cocky SOB was walking away without having to give blood, I half-expected Kate to punch him in the face whilst wearing a medical/lab glove, breaking his nose and getting a 'blood sample' Luthor-style.


Makes you wonder if something similar happened to Kate or someone close. Must be confusing to live in Daniel's head. Trying to have a normal life & ghosts always popping in. The only time he seems relaxed is in class.


Yeah...Kate seems out of character. I mean you usually see Daniel all determined. But Daniel was all Occam's Razor and Kate was all gut and no proof. I thought as a civilian, she would go break his nose, steal the blood and do a comparison or something. But she went gunning for the guy (and didn't even record his crimes, if any). Hope next episode explains why. Hate it when people get all OOC for no reason


I was left thinking, "Well, that escalated fast." I couldn't understand why Kate was so adamantly invested in this case, to the point that she'd risk her career and, ultimately, her life. Was she upset about being stonewalled? Did she want to stick it to "the old boys' club"? Was she crusading on behalf of military women who've been sexually assaulted? I just found it all too ambiguous. Now, she's shot a man, the son of a powerful politician, a man she has already been accused of harassing. And, quite frankly, a man she's been stalking. (Anyone else feel creeped out when she was watching him at the bar near the end?)

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