Rizzoli & Isles Review: Don't Mess With Hockey Moms

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Talk about a very bad day. Carla Dalton's couldn't have gone worse. On the verge of finding her nephew after a 12-year investigation, she ended up getting punched in the nose by an bad tempered hockey mom... and then she had her throat slashed with a skate hook.  

"Cold as Ice" was the perfect way to describe her killer.

At first I questioned why we needed to see quite so much blood during the murder scene, but then it made more sense as we watched Frost grow queasy over the body. That's got to be quite a detriment for a homicide detective. 


It was great to watch Frankie step up and out of his sister's shadow as he worked the scene. Sometimes it's hard to see him as anything beside Jane's little brother. 

My favorite moment of the night was Jane trying to stop the hockey game and the referee blowing her off and calling her Mom even after he saw the badge. The expression on her face as she spouted this Rizzoli & Isles quote was priceless…

You call me Mom one more time, you watch where I put that whistle. | permalink

Even better was watching Korsak's amused expression as she told off the ref. He was more than happy to stand back and watch Jane tear the guy apart. 

The saddest part of the show was Angela's dilemma. She never officially divorced her husband and now his tax problems have become hers - to the tune of $27,000. There's no way Angela's going to be able to raise that kind of money on her own and although it's sweet that she doesn't want her kids to think any worse of their father, they're grown ups and can handle the truth. They should also be given the choice to help out their mom if they can.

Even sweeter was Korsak's offer to loan her the money. He really has turned out to be quite a stand up guy over the years. 

I certainly wasn't surprised to hear that Hope left for Europe. She seems to have a habit of departing town when things get rough. I know Paddy's trial was difficult, but you'd think she'd want to stick around and spend time with the daughter she's just getting to know not to mention the one who just got a new kidney. 

Maura turned out to be a lot more like her biological mother than she ever anticipated as she completely smothered Cailin. I couldn't believe it when Maura called the girl selfish and irresponsible for staying late at the library to study. 

Yes, Cailin was a typical teenager when she invited her friends over without asking, made a mess in the kitchen or played her music too loud but in return Maura completely overreacted. It will be interesting to see if Cailin sticks around for the rest of Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 and how well the two sisters learn to get along. 

Should Cailin become a permanent resident of Boston? Do you care if Hope comes back? And should Angela let her family know she's in financial crisis or should she keep it to herself?


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please. I want to clarify.
1. I don't have problem with people different.
2. I adore this show.
3. I like the protagonistes of this show (Dra Isles and the agent Rizzoli ). Now, I know that this show is based in people of the life real. Fantastic. I regret the misunderstanding last message.
Happy Day.


WTF! Why does Maura (not Moira!)have to become "normal"? Who wants to watch a bunch of normal people be normal. I get so tired of people complaining about how characters like Bones and Maura are weird and annoying. There are many types of people in the world with many types of idiosyncrasies. I love that we finally have some good but not perfect women on tv. And I seriously wonder how the people commenting here deal with real people who have social disorders or difficulties. Do you just brush them of or dismiss or ignore them or something? And what about awkward nerdy men on tv?
The Maura character is the main reason I watch this show. She's just the cutest little weirdo. In this episode she was flipping out because she was waaay out of her element with dealing with a teenager, while also dealing with Hope putting the wrong kind of pressure on her. She just lashed out in a moment of concern. It happens. Chill.


The series is based on a series of books and follows the books in some ways: Jane's father is a plumber, her Mom is loving but can be overbearing and Moira is a genius. One of the things I enjoy about the show is the patter between two women who have little in common but would fight for the other until their death. The entire group obviously cares about each other and have each others backs.


This episode relaxed.
Dr. Maura like all genius,she know but have difficulties for communicate with others.


Maura has become so tiresome. She just runs through her bag of overreacting pseudo intellectual tricks on every episode and frankly it has become boring. A little more humanity wouldn't hurt. Meanwhile the rest of the cast does a great job of portraying complex characters.


I don't like the "half-sister" and the whole "yuck, yuck, yuck, isn't this funny watching Moira try to be a 'parent'." I REALLY hate Rizzoli's mom!!!! She is tiresome, boring and predictable. And grating. It's a crime show, not a rom com. I wouldn't be surprised if they added a laugh track to the current format.


Good episode...the series had to grow on me, but glad I stuck it out, love the close working relationships in the squadroom and love Frankie's addition as a detective, but wish Moira would tone down the OCD more, (she's the reason I didn't care for the show in the beginning), especially with Caitlin. Caitlin just might be enough for Moria to loosen up and be almost-normal, so to stay this season is probably good. Then there is the Italian martyr 50's mom complex of Angela!...ingrained into believing you're a bad mom if you weren't perfect! Tell the kids (they aren't a fan of Dad, anyway) - they're adults, and with the exception of Tommy, might be able to lighten her burden! And divorce the idiot! Be free of him and to do what she wants to be happy.

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