Rookie Blue Round Table: "What I Lost"

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A kidnapping is the worst nightmare for any parent. Add in an unexpected revelation and Travis Milne explained how it will all send Chris Diaz spiraling down a dark path.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Jenn and Kelley from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum for this week's Rookie Blue Round Table, as they debate what Chris will do about Denise's betrayal and whether or not Nick and Andy could find their happily ever after.

So join in, Rookie Blue fans, and give us your answers in the comments below regarding "What I Lost."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Jenn: I really loved the return of Chris and when Gail flung herself into his arms. It’s really nice to have an original character back and seeing how much Chris Diaz has changed over the past few seasons, he has toughened up a bit. Also, Oliver Shaw: the saving grace of S4. Loved seeing him in charge I wouldn’t want to lose Frank but would love to see him standing at that podium one day in parade.

Kelley: Chris at the end having that confrontation with Denise. "You ruined my life" pretty much sums up how wrecked Chris is feeling. How does one recover from that? He is going to have a long road to recovery.

Christine: Despite all the great drama, my favorite scene was the moment between Chloe and Dov where they promise to always be honest with one another. Oddly enough these two are becoming my favorite couple this season.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was Sam justified in coming down hard on Andy after the kidnapping?

Jenn:  I didn’t think he was coming down hard; he was doing his job and asking her legitimate questions. Andy seemed on edge when he brought up why Nick was with her; as if she thought he knew something was up between the two of them since Nick did confess his “magical” feelings to her. Sam was doing his job.

Kelley: I don't think Sam came down hard on Andy, but rather Andy was not prepared to be answering questions about why she called Nick to meet her at the park. I think Sam was just trying to do his job the best he could. He may have come across as cold, but he was not accusing her of anything, rather he was trying to collect facts and she got defensive. I think he was harder on Nick.

Christine: I think Sam was picking up on something going on between Andy and Nick but in no way was he easy on her. She's a police officer and she lost someone's toddler! If I were Chris I don't know how I'd ever speak to her again.

Should Chris break up with Denise now that the truth has come out?

Jenn:  Break up with her, yes. She lied from the get go. Denise saw Chris as a viable father and someone who had it together more than Jean so she jumped at the chance. Poor little Christian though has no father now, so I think Chris should try to be part of his life somehow since he is all that Christian knows.

Kelley: Yes, I don't see how that relationship could go on longer knowing there was such a breach of trust. I don't really believe that Chris' heart was 100% in it to begin with, I think the relationship resumed because he thought he had a child with her and wanted a stable family, wanted to be a father to his son.

Christine: Absolutely. She abused his trust and betrayed him in the worst way. But I think Chris will find a way to remain in Christian's life. He had such issues with father figures when he was a kid that I can't imagine him just walking away from Christian, no matter what the DNA might prove or how he feels about Denise.

Gail and Chloe are polar opposites but they're both weird and quirky in their own ways. Which is your favorite?

Jenn: Gail! Hands down! I appreciate sarcasm even if it comes across really bitchy and borderline rude.  But I think Gail has a lot of hurt feelings and uses that sarcasm to mask them. Chloe has yet to 100% grow on me.

Kelley: Always Gail, I have loved her snarky character from the start. Chloe is light and fun, but Gail will always top my list and she had a lot of great scenes in this episode.

Christine: It's unanimous then. I love Gail because she always says what she thinks and it's usually things I wish I had the guts to say. That said, Chloe has grown on me. Ironically I love her for being Gail's polar opposite plus she seems to be confident in her own skin which is refreshing. 

Should Oliver follow in Sam's footsteps and become a detective?

Jenn:  I really don’t think so. I like Oliver on patrol and being able to be out on the streets and keeping a watchful eye on the rookies and giving his words of wisdom every so often. He did very well in charge, so maybe standing in front of parade one day?

Kelley: I don't see Oliver going the detective route, but rather I see him eventually becoming Staff Sargent. He is good with handling people, it would be a better fit for him than detective. Even Sam commented "everyone was where they were supposed to be, because you were in charge".

Christine: Yes, I can see Ollie taking over Frank's position…someday. But I just love how her interacts with the rookies so I hope it doesn't happen too soon.

Do you think Nick and Andy could have a future as a couple?

Jenn: Oh, the million dollar question. My answer: NO! I am Team McSwarek! Way deep down Andy still loves Sam and I think she is feeling lonely and unwanted and Nick is giving her the affection she is craving. Last night Nick Collins came across as a horny teenager. Not a fan of these two at all, as friends yes but nothing more.

Kelley: Nick and Andy as a couple. I am still having a hard time with that. I think they have a shot because they have a history as friends, they appear to be good with communicating their thoughts/feelings. That being said, I don't think Andy is over Sam completely, and until that happens any new relationship Andy tries to start will be doomed, including this one.

Christine: I actually thought Nick and Andy's love scene at the end was kind of adorable. They have a lot of qualities you'd find in a long term couple. That said, I believe Andy still has deep feelings for Sam. Once he and Marlo implode (we all know it's going to happen eventually) and he comes crawling back for another chance with Andy, I'm afraid poor Nick is going to get crushed in the aftermath.

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i think andy is taking advantage of nick because his feeling s for her are strong and she is in love with sam.


Would like to know the name of the song and the name of the artist who sang it. It was right at the end of the show 'what i have lost' air date 8/15/13
I looked on iTunes for what i thought the name might be (if i had three wished) but could only fine three people who sang a song called that and it wasn't the same voice on the show. Thanks in advance


I like Nick & Andy together, not just now, but end game too. They've been slow building it since the end of last season enough that it doesn't feel weird or forced. The last 4-5 episodes have been fantastic all around, with a big part of that being the increased interaction between Nick & Andy, which seems natural and also very funny. I like Swarek's character, but I don't like him or Andy when they're together.

Sarah silva

Christine: yes we will. :)


Now this Gay Gail story line…not sure if I am feeling this. I feel that Gail is giving the girl mix feelings. Either she is or she isn’t but she needs to stop calling her when she is bored or lonely when she knows the chick likes her…like I said not feeling this storyline. The best scene for me was when Chris threw the chair…it was real and for that moment you could feel his pain of being a cop and not being able to look for his son. I like Oliver as the big brother to the rookies. He keeps them all grounded and focus. Without him they all would be lost even the detectives.


If she can lie about something as important as this who knows what else she has lied about and the cop in Chris wouldn’t let him forgive her at least not right now. I think Sam wasn’t hard on Andy, she just feels guilty because in her heart, she knows jumping in to a relationship with Nick is not a good idea right now and she was on the defense with Sam. He knows something is up but knew not to step over that line, at least not now. Gail and Chloe are a badgirl and goodgirl show down. I like the way they pay off each other it gives a real feel to the show. I didn’t think I would like her at first but Chloe grew on me.


This show has really grown on me but why do they make them seem like co-worker whores. I mean it seems like they can’t date outside their cop circle which is kind of sad. Don’t get me wrong other than that I like the show. It would just be more believable if they date outside their circle a bit. Not to mention I thought there are rules about fraternizing. As for Andy and Nick’s relationship…I feel it’s over before it starts because Andy still has unresolved feeling for Sam. And Sam still has feelings for her even thought he is trying to connect with Cruz it’s just not a good fit. I think Cruz is a time bomb ready to go off it’s just a matter of time. As for Chris, I feel if he put his name on the child’s birth certificate then it’s his no matter what the DNA say and he should go for custody or at least visitation but Denise has to go.


Mrs alex o'loughlin, Yes! We called it. We'll have to see what we can predict for the rest of the season. :)


Fav scene: Hard to pick just one, but mine was Golly at the batting cage Sam: I don't think he was coming down hard til she got defensive...but whether he realized it or not, I think he was fishing a little even while keeping it neutral at first. Chris should drop kick Denise out of his life but stay connected to Christian as best he can. Gail if I must pick, but both bring quirks the show needs. I'm with everyone. Ollie stays on patrol & when he gets to the age where he doesn't want to be running the streets daily, go for white shirt NO! Nick and Andy are a necessary evil that should end as soon as the writers can humanly have them achieve their purpose. Ick!


I agree with most of what was said above except the question of Sam being hard on Andy. He was asking that question to get under her skin and figure out why Nick and her were at the park together. How could that crime have been premeditated? Unless someone can predict the future and know that an old man was going to have a heartache. Chris and Denise do not live in the city anymore so its not like Christian would have been at that park a lot. Without question is was a crime of opportunity. And if it were my child and a police office was asking ridiculous questions like that I would ask for a new detective with a clearer head on my case.

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