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American Horror Story: Coven: New Posters, Same Old Creepiness

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FX has released four new posters for American Horror Story: Coven, and each is about as creepy as you'd expect from this fun and eccentric drama.

After giving us our first glimpse at Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters in a recent American Horror Story trailer, the series has now given us a look at Angela Bassett's voodoo character, along with... a levitating girl, a woman swallowing a snake and the high-heeled feet of three young women.

What do they all mean? Who the heck knows?!?

But expect most of the images to come together when American Horror Story: Coven premieres on Wednesday, October 9.

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  • American Horror Story: Coven Art Work

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Fate. Destiny. Luck. The prisons of man. People pass the time, enjoying the choices life provides--coffee or tea, right or left--as if it matters. We are all just spinning on the wheel. There is but one way to keep off the wheel. It's not youth. It's not beauty or true love. I know how to stay off the wheel. I control my fate. I have survived because I know one must be willing to destroy anyone, anything, even the ones you love, to keep the gods in check.


[to Gloria] Those girls were a cool stream of glacier water. My heart bloomed as they nourished it. And now it's all gone. There's nothing left but the dust and the scorpions inside of me. I was never destined to feel love.