Arrow HOT Shots: Season 2 Cast Photos Set Shirtless Stage

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You're welcome, ladies.

The CW has released a new round of cast photos in promotion of Arrow Season 2 and they feature stars Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, David Ramsey and Manu Bennett... without a shirt anywhere to be seen. It's safe to say this show knows its audience, huh?

Ogle away now and prepare for the October 7 season premiere of one of television's hottest hits.

Your move, Vampire Diaries men...

Arrow Shirtless
Colton Haynes Shirtless
David Ramsey Shirtless
Manu Bennett Shirtless

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I am jsut happening to watch for the first time Arrow and so far I have enjoyed whwat I have watched so far: Lots of secrets between family and friends, drama, mistery, action. Wow Steve Amell do like to take his shirt off hehe!! I haven seen him with his shirt off a lot when he is training in the ware house and Im not even on half of the season yet watching it. I mean that guy has a amazing body, very fit, very eye candy for the ladies, like me. He is such a hunk, handsome good looking man!! Wow. But like guest star say. Too much of a thing may put a show in trouble as it wont be taken seriously cause fans will expect only to see the handsome guy with their shirt off or almost naked almost everyday. Is ok once in a while but the story like is what it is important not how often the main actor can take his shirt off to please the show fans.


Please Please Please no more Nipples Renard on Grimm this season. Sasha Roiz does look great with his shirt off but I loved Cool Sexy Badass The Captain from season one who keep his clothes on and not Nipples Renard from season two. Sexy guys with their shirt off is great but give them something to do besides standing around with their shirts off! Gentleman of Arrow all of you look great with your shirts off but please have great storyline.


Sasha Roiz must be so proud that his Shirtless Rage has infected the Arrow publicity department! Awesome.


I really like these new photos I can't wait for this season to start.


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