Blue Bloods Review: A Two Way Street

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Some rules are clear, but frequently there are "Unwritten Rules" on the job. On the Blue Bloods season 4 premiere, Erin had to struggle with both the rules of her job and the ones within her own family. 

Lack of Evidence

The fact is that Danny got them into this mess. Leading old Mrs. Caruso into identifying Angelo may have given him enough for probable cause to haul the guy in, but it was never going to be enough to convict him. 

Danny handed his sister a weak case, then railed when she told him so and left her to suffer the consequences.

No one had Erin's back. Her boss was more than willing to hang her out to dry, Danny gave her nothing but attitude and her own grandfather inferred that she was being disloyal to her family and cops everywhere. 

Doing the right thing can be a very lonely undertaking. 

In the end her plot to get Angelo to confess was quite a risk. I understood that she needed to make it a sweet enough deal that he'd seriously consider taking it, but so many things could have gone wrong. He could have called in his own attorney at any time and this could have blown up in Erin's face. 

Thankfully that didn't happen and in the end the family came back together to admire funny family vacation photos. But I was still most upset with Henry. Maybe I should expect it by now but Erin was right when she reminded her family that loyalty is a two way street, and there are members of it that don't seem to have Erin's back when it comes to her job.

As usual Frank's reactions were perfect from beginning to end. I liked that Garrett told him the names of the slain officer's husband and child. The department may have lost a fellow officer but Andrew lost his wife and 5 year old Katie lost her mom. That is far worse.

I also appreciated it when Frank asked Jamie to be the one to protect Angelo. As he explained to his son in this Blue Bloods quote

Jamie: I thought I was just another cop.
Frank: You are. You're also a lawyer and you'll understand the why of this more than most. | permalink

Frank was also spot on in his handling of the Blue Flu and his new deputy. Although Frank likes and respects Dino, there won't be another second chance.

Frank: If you ever withhold vital information from me again, you'll be gone in a heartbeat. | permalink

It doesn't get much clearer than that. 

Finally, Jamie got a new partner. My only issue with Eddie is that she's fresh out of the academy. Aren't rookie officers assigned an experienced training officer during their first few months on the job?

But Eddie and Jamie could be an interesting match. All we know right now is that she's gorgeous, smart, has a rich daddy, and is still figuring out the kind of cop she wants to be. 

All in all it was great to have the Reagan family back once again but I do hope for a more light-hearted, entertaining family dinner next week. 


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First, they say ''forthwith'' too much. I don't care if it's real or not, it's fucked out. And when cops call for help, they NEVER give their location. And Danny never fucking shaves. Although he does manage to trim his beard to keep it constant. Are there no grooming standards? He shows up at funerals with that face-fur. And apparently it's never summer because it's always with the long coats. Please, this is not Highlander.


you were smart to give baker and garret bigger roles - you need to soften Danny's temper - music way to loud - all original cast still great- Danny's original partner really helped the show- I read all the comments and people need to view it as entertainment not documentary. if I was doing a review , I could pick it a part along with a lot of other tv shows.- at least this one is not full of explosions and car wrecks etc.- " Garret really strengthens the commissioners part- I have paid a lot of money to see a movie that I wish I had never heard of, at least if I don't like a tv show I can turn it off. -a lot of commenters really need to get a hobby.. Finally use the show to promote good police work and less star rhetoric- like a comment the commissioner made in of one of the movies, told another officer to have the info on my desk by tonight or I will transfer you so far out you will need a map to get home, and the phrase forthwith is used too much. --Great show , just needs a few adjustments. Thank you


If there is another episode is poorly written and acted as this premier of the season we will not be watching the rest of the season. I could point of dozens of stupid things in the plot. Just let it be known that this was anything but the best effort.


I thought this was the weakest episode in a long time and not worthy of season-premier status. It was rushed and full of police drama cliches that are below the usual quality of this show. Most of the principals seemed to be acting by the numbers, going through the motion with reads as though they were only spouting lines the writers put into their mouths, not at all as though the characters they play may have believed them. We were no sooner introduced to a brand new partner for Jamie than we are expected to care for a fallen female officer we'd never seen. Couldn't the new partner have waited for a subsequent episode? The Chief of the fallen officer's precinct was a caricature who walked away from a direct order from Frank (whom everyone snaps to attention for) muttering "you're the boss" as he exits. The actor was fidgety and not at all commanding. The elderly woman was also a caricature and lent nothing to the plot. I will watch tonight and hope for better things in episode 2.


Great premiere. My only problem is the continuation of not addressing Jamie. Anther fallen officer anther chance to ask how Jamie is holding up. There was more reaction emotionally in "Front Page News" Then with what has gone on with Jamie. You just don't get over having not only your partner die in your arms but you get shot. They don't have to over kill it just touch on it. For me along with other fans I have talked to that just doesn't seem plausable. As for Eddie still on the fence about her. Please do not do a romantic storyline to clichè.


if it was me the at the ending when the THING goes for enrin I would BURYED that things nose in the table HARD

Shane graham
@ kevin

Dude, that's exactly what I was thinking.......but, who's Enrin?


My God, doesn't anyone in this family watch Law & Order? Everyone in the civilized world knows you have top have better evidence than a questionable ID to win a case. This made the show seem like Law Enforcement for Dummies. Maybe that is the kind of simple drama people want in Blue Bloods and I should not expect subtleties, but it bothered me that the result was the impression that NYC cops didn't care about civil rights. I wish Danny could be allowed to outgrow the "hothead" stereotype he has been saddled with. And the same disgusted expression he wears when things don't go his way. I realize this show is not The Bridge or The Killing but it could still stretch itself a little.


Continuity error: when Erin joins Frank in the restaurant, looks like a cup of coffee on the table. Next shot, she and he are drinking from booze glasses.


Lindalou, "I also liked the way Frank added Joe's name to the toast for the Fallen." I really liked that as well. It felt as though Joe's memory was weighing on him throughout the episode.


poppysmom, My feel for the show is that Jamie's only been a cop for a couple of years. I don't know anything about actual NYPD protocol but that seems quick to have a rookie learning from him. But then again, that's just my opinion.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

We decline to charge suspects every day. Many of them are guilty but you still need evidence.


Jamie: I thought I was just another cop.
Frank: You are. You're also a lawyer and you'll understand the why of this more than most.