Cynthia Addai-Robinson to Run Suicide Squad on Arrow Season 2

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Cynthia Addai-Robinson is headed to Starling City.

The Spartacus actress - who has also appeared on episodes of FlashForward and The Vampire Diaries - will take on the famous DC Comics role of Amanda Waller, TV Guide reports.

According to comic book lore, character works for the secret organization A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group United Support) and runs the Suicide Squad, which will be comprised this fall of Michael Rowe's Deadshot and the Bronze Tiger, who will be portrayed by Michael Jai White.

Look for Addai-Robinson to debut as Waller on Episode 6 and possibly recur throughout the winter.

Cynthia Addai-Robinson Promo Pic

Arrow Season 2 kicks off on Wednesday, October 9.

Have you seen the awesome new trailer for it?

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@Sa'ad: Read the New 52 bro, her character's totally been revamped.


Total miscast.... She's too young to play Amanda Waller. In the past all of the iterations of Amanda Waller were played by older actresses... Even the bio for her is that she is a middle aged person. I don't know which direction they are going with this but I hope they don't screw it up...


I have a feeling the entire cast of Spartucus and most of recent iterations of Dr. Who (waiting on the companions to start showing up) are going to play at least recurring roles on this show. We really should be looking at one of those shows to figure out who Barry Allen is going to be...

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