Mistresses Exclusive: Alyssa Milano on the Baby Daddy Reveal, An Action-Packed Finale and More

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As tonight's season finale of Mistresses ("I Choose You") looms near, fans are clamoring to find out the identity of the father of Savi's unborn child.

Thankfully, Alyssa Milano - who plays Savannah "Savi" Davis - took to time to chat about why she chose Mistresses, whether or not we'll find out what's in the envelope and what she knows about a possible Mistresses season 2. Read on for excerpts from our exclusive Q&A...


I'll admit that when I first heard the premise for Mistresses, I wasn't sure what to think, but it has turned out to be a really fun ride. What first attracted you to the show?
I loved the writing of the "Pilot" episode. I loved how flawed the character (Savi) was. I loved how she was this woman who seemingly had everything together. She was so driven in her career, so successful and yet her life was unravelling. I thought that was really relatable. I also loved that fact that it was an ensemble cast.

For the past several weeks, this show has had me yelling, What's in the envelope? at my TV. Can you confirm that we finally find out who the daddy is in the finale?
You will finally find out who the daddy is in the finale. Yes.

Regardless of who the daddy is, which man do you think Savi should choose?
I don't know. I think that the writers have done such a great job with giving both of the men enough good reasons and bad reasons for Savi to be with them. It's a tough decision. Obviously the information in that envelope will, I think be pivotal in whatever decision she makes.

Savi in Palm Springs

Taking Savi out of the mix, who do you think has had the best story line on the show: Joss, April, or Karen?
I think that April's story line is pretty outstanding. It's hard to beat the dead husband coming back to life.

I've got my fingers crossed. Is there any news on Mistresses getting a season 2?
No news as of right now. Our contracts were extended until September 30th. So we're just all waiting and crossing our fingers and toes and legs and all parts of our bodies that we get a pick up.

You've played so many roles over the years, have you had a favorite?
I don't know. I think that I've loved doing the sort of mish mosh of my career and how I've been blessed to be given the opportunity to do comedy and drama. I think Charmed has been my favorite thus far. Just because it was such a huge part of my life. Pretty much all of my 20s and part of my 30s. And it was fun. We had fun every day. We had wigs and crazy wardrobe and demons and fun green screen stuff. It was a really fun job.

I also cover Castle here at TVFanatic and I have to say that Kyra Blaine was a big hit with Castle fans. Would you ever consider coming back for a second guest appearance?
Of course. Yeah, I've said that all along. I'd love to come back to Castle. I love Nathan Fillion

Anything we should be prepared for on the Mistresses season 1 finale?
It's very, very, action packed.

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There has to be a second series, to tie up all the loose ends. I hope Savi survives ,as it is great to see Alyssa Milano back on our screens again. There are a lot more plot lines to be found within the friendship of this group of fabulous women and their families.So to whom it may concern sign off on a new series. Roger carter UK fan


Least favorite character is dr Kim and Sam are tried ( but its more SAMs actor that I hate, he is really bad and never moves his bottom lip, he has a case of alm syndrome ( ass like mouth, from the league on fx)
Worst story line is April.
Savvy and baby live Harry can't live up to his promise savvy becomes a single mom , and chooses not to date, then eventually dates Dom.
Elizabeth grey dies, shot by Sam The show is predictable, but whatevas I like it and it gives me a Congo starter with my more vapid co workers

Sarah silva

Looks like Savi gets in a car accident and loses the baby but Harry is the only one who knows the results and that the baby was his!
Karen gets shot!


"Who should Savi choose?" like she's even got a right to choose? She's the cheating whore who got pregnant, so Harry should just get a new life and leave that awful woman alone. She's a terrible character which I personally have only come to hate, not love. I enjoyed episode 11 best (I think it was that one) because she only makes a brief appearance in a couple scenes; the best episodes were the ones not Savi-oriented. Just kill her off! She's such a bad written character and a bad woman it's kinda funny how they wanna make us feel sorry for her.

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