NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Laughing is Good

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The NCIS: Los Angeles season 5 premiere didn't waste a moment. The action picked up right where it left off in season 4 finale with Michelle hanging off the side of a building and Isaac Sidorov holding Deeks and Sam.

"Ascension" was action-packed, filled with tension and the perfect conclusion to the epic season finale. As great as it was, I would have preferred to see the two parts back-to-back weeks with the time jump as the cliffhanger. The long summer wait was well worth it though.

Checking on Deeks

The Barbies were no match for Michelle and Kensi. It was awesome to see the women being so bad ass. I'm not sure how Michelle had the energy to continue fighting after pulling herself up from outside the building. And, Kensi rocked it even more when she pulled the scam in the ambulance to get the location of the auto parts store.

With nuclear weapons in the hands of criminals, there's not much that the team wouldn't do in order to get them back. In this case, it meant that instead of taking the tortured Deeks and Sam to the hospital, they had to remain behind to re-establish Quinn's cover and protect her life.

This mission required quick thinking and actions by all involved. I never would have guessed that NCIS had prepared kits to fake someone's death. They definitely came in handy for covering Michelle and saving both Deeks and Sam's lives.

I did appreciate that it was clear from the beginning that Quinn, Sam and Deeks were all in on the plan. It would have been devastating to watch her shoot her husband and Deeks with the belief that it was real, especially after Deeks never gave up her name.

In addition to the action, there were several touching moments. When Deeks told Sam, "I didn't give her up." their relationship was forever changed. Sam had been disrespectful to Deeks just before they were taken, now he knows that Deeks is much more than his long hair and witty comments.

In the aftermath of the Deeks and Kensi kiss, their relationship had also changed. It pained her as a partner to see Deeks in pain and tortured. While he didn't want her to see him that way. What happened next between them will forever change their friendship and partnership.

Deeks' admission that Kensi was what got him through the torture was powerful. It wasn't just the words that he said, but that he was able to verbalize his feelings at all. He had never been able to tell her how he felt even in the slightest way.

Deeks: Kens, I just want you know that the place that I went to in my head to stop the pain was you. I just kept thinking about your smile and your laugh. Everything. It's the only thing that got me through. For whatever it's worth. | permalink

The kiss was his first expression of love towards her. With his proclamation, he put it all out in the open. There's no more dancing around it or ignoring it while continuing their partnership as it was. Deeks clearly was traumatized by the torture, so it's probably not the best time for him or her to make life-altering decisions either. 

For someone who is usually so serious and faulted Deeks for his fun nature, it was a surprise to see Sam show up with toy teeth. And, then for Callen to join in. They realized that to start the healing would take laughs and they accomplished that. The team was damaged, but they survived.

As far as the missing nukes are concerned, they were found and with that the case was over. Well, except for Marcel Janvier. Callen visited him in prison four months later and the Janvier taunted him, "The game is not over." Will he break out of prison? If anyone can, Marcel Janvier can.

With the four month time jump, it will be intriguing to see what has happened to Deeks after being tortured and declaring his feelings. And, which has a greater impact on his life. Will Deeks and Kensi still be partners? Will he still be a cop? A full-fledged NCIS agent? It's a good thing we only have to wait one week to find out.

What should happen between Deeks and Kensi now? Partners? Lovers? Both? Will Deeks be able to recover from the torture?


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NCIS Los Angeles is our favorite T.V. show but the sound effects and music, which is totally unnecessary is makeing it impossible to hear the dialogue. We have several friend who have stopped watching and now we are going to give up our favorite show too.


I loved the show, but they stretched credibility quite a bit with their timeline if you could figure out what it was (I'm not sure). Between the finale and the premiere, Sam and Deeks were captured, tortured, and rescued all in one day. In fact, the rest of the episode appears to have happened that same day or maybe the next. No way Sam and Deeks could have physically recovered that quickly. Deeks needed oral surgery, yet he showed little sign of the physical trauma he suffered (although ECO was fantastic throughout as a man trying to deal with all aspects of the trauma of torture). I missed how Sam found out where Michelle was. Did Kensi tell him after Hetty told her not to or did he find out from Eric/Nell behind the scenes or what? And Deeks showing up to save the day came out of nowhere. One minute he's languishing in bed & the next shooting Sidorov's man. Cool surprise but big plot hole for me.


Carla, I enjoyed and agree with your review. Anything I add would simply be redundant😊. This was an awesome episode and will be re-watched multiple times. This season is looking good 😊


I have to agree w/ Sue Ann. During my first year in the Navy, I had all four of my wisdom teeth yanked. I was so whacked out on pain-killers it had been more than a day before I realized my cheeks were packed w/ gauze. The pain-killers had me sooo loopy I doubt I could fired a pistol as well as Deeks did.


The hop in his step was because his legs were shackled together, and it makes walking awkward. I did find the teeth "gift" at the end to be really insensitive, mostly because I don't think Sam has redeemed himself enough with Deeks for that to be considered funny.


Janvier will return. But, can someone explain why he has that hop in his step?


I liked the episode poor Deeks I felt so bad for him when he was in the hospital and wouldnt open his mouth then Kensi talking to I liked how Sam and Deeks got out the hospital to save day am glad it Deeks who shot whats name. I did like Deeks telling Kensi about it was her that got though it. I know Callan and Sam where trying to make Deeks laugh with the teeth but I thought it was mean i hope Deeks comes back ECO is great actor on show. Hopefullg Nate can help him


ECO was fabulous in this episode! The sheer fear, vulnerability and pain he expressed through his expressions, his actions, the quaver in his voice when delivering his lines, was incredible and very realistic. I hope he doesn't let Sam off the hook just yet. The poor guy has endured 3 years of taunts and put downs only to get a half-@ssed apology from Sam...and then even more teasing from Sam and Callen with the teeth? Sorry, I thought that was just way too flippant and uncaring considering how horrific Deeks' torture was. I'm looking forward to next week's episode to see if they do justice to the torment Deeks is going through.


over this episode. Do glad to have NCIS LA back. The scenes with Deeks and Sam were great. I'm really interested in what's going to happen with Deeks and what choices he's going to make. I'm very interested in finding out what's going to happen with him and Kenzi. I loved this episode it was amazing and there was so much action. I can't wait go the next episode and for the rest of the season the shows off to a great start.


One question. How did Janvier tire down Visiri with only one hand? If he was holding a gun it would have been impossible. It would have been difficult to saw his arms off with a hacksaw with only one hand. Not very believable.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I love happy endings.


Kens, I just want you know that the place that I went to in my head to stop the pain was you. I just kept thinking about your smile, and your laugh. Everything. It's the only thing that got me through. For whatever it's worth.