Once Upon a Time: Casting for Mr. Stiltskin

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Once Upon a Time producers have been busy casting a few key roles over the past few weeks.

JoAnne Garcia is in as Ariel. Rose McIver will portray Tinkerbell. And now they have a new challenge in front of them:

The series will feature Rumpelstiltskin's father on Episode 8 of Once Upon a Time Season 3. It's unknown for how long this character will stick around, but it's an exciting, interesting role even if it's merely for one week. So, what that in mind...

Crushed Rumplestiltskin

... who do you think should play Mr. Stiltskin?

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Terry O Quinn! or the guy who played Jack's father on lost. I think he would be good!


Terry Oquinn.


Taylor Lautner?

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