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Once Upon a Time Season 3

Marked for Death
"A Curious Thing"

If Hook won't kiss Emma and fulfill the curse, Zelena threatens to kill Henry and Charming and Snow search for Glinda the good witch in the fairy tale land in Once Upon a Time.

"Bleeding Through"

When Zelena gets ahold of Regina's heart, the Evil Queen casts a spell to find out why Cora abandoned her first daughter on Once Upon a Time.

"The Jolly Roger"

In the Fairy Tale Land, the Jolly Roger has been stolen from Hook and he think's Prince Eric is a prisoner on board, so he and Ariel head out in search of his ship but the consequences of Hook's actions follow him back to Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time.

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

Storybrooke mourns Neal and Zelena reveals her connection to Regina while challenging her to fight to the death on Once Upon a Time.

"Quiet Minds"

Back in Storybrooke, Neal longs to reconnect with Henry who has no memory of him and he searches for Rumpelstiltskin who he finds out is alive on Once Upon A Time.

"The Tower"

Emma, David, Regina and Hook continue their search for the Wicked Witch. But she has a surprise of her own planned on Once Upon a Time.

"Witch Hunt"

Emma realizes that no one in Storybrooke remembers the last year or how they were sent back to Storybrook. A year earlier in the Fairy Tale world, Regina and Robin Hook work together to break into her castle which has been taken over by the Wicked Witch on Once Upon a Time.

"New York City Serenade"

All is not well back in the Fairy Tale land as the Wicked Witch makes an appearance. Can Hook convince Emma to help the family and friends she's forgotten on the winter premiere of Once Upon a Time?

"Going Home"

Everyone scrambles to stop Peter Pan before he can unleash the curse yet again but a price will be paid to stop it on the Once Upon a Time winter finale.

"The New Neverland"

Storybrooke welcomes home the search party from Neverland but everyone is in the dark about Henry's imposter on Once Upon a Time.

"Save Henry"

In Neverland, Henry's loved ones race to stop Peter Pan from stealing all of the magical powers from the heart of the truest believer and in Storybrooke's past, Regina considers adopting a child with the help of Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time.

"Think Lovely Thoughts"

A look into the past show how Rumpelstiltskin's father abandoned him for a new life while Peter Pan manipulates Henry into believing he will save magic on Once Upon a Time.

"Dark Hollow"

Ariel and Belle fight an unexpected foe in Storybrooke while Emma, Neal, and Hook do battle with Pan's shadow on Once Upon a Time.

In the fairy tale land, Snow introduced the little mermaid to her true love Prince Eric. Back in Neverland, Rumpelstiltskin and Regina join forces to take down Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time.

"Good Form"

Hook and Charming go on a journey to find a map that will lead them off of Neverland. In the fairy tale land of the past, Hook's origins as a soldier are revealed on Once Upon a Time.

"Nasty Habits"

Mr. Gold must decide whether to fulfill the prophecy about Henry being his undoing or going up against Peter Pan to free the boy while Neal ends up in the hands of the Lost Boys on Once Upon a Time.

"Quite a Common Fairy"

Hook believes Tinker Bell can lead them to Peter Pan but she's got a curious offer for Regina in Neverland while back in the enchanted forest Neal works to contact Emma on Once Upon a Time.

"Lost Girl"

Peter Pan gives Emma a magical map that can help her find Henry, but there's a catch and Mr. Gold gets some advice from a familiar face on Once Upon a Time.

"The Heart of the Truest Believer"

The Jolly Roger heads to Neverland to try and rescue Henry from Peter Pan's clutches on the season 3 premiere of Once Upon a Time.

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