Rizzoli & Isles Review: Strangers In a Dog Park

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I've begun to feel that every crime procedural on TV must eventually do an homage to the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Strangers On a Train.

For Rizzoli & Isles, "Partners in Crime" was that episode.

Maura's Grandfather

As a Hitchcock fan, I'm not complaining. But I just wish it hadn't been so obvious. I actually called it when the victims' family members passed one another getting off the elevator. That fact that the detectives were trying to solve two separate murders seemed like a giveaway. That almost never happens on this show. 

They've also had quite a canine theme going Rizzoli & Isles Season 4. Being a dog lover, I've found Korsak's knowledge of doggie facts, like the temperament of German Shepherds or that Labradoodles don't have dander, to be just adorable.

But it was the personal aspects of the show that were much more intriguing.

Paddy Doyle's father, the man who wanted Hope gone and believed Maura should have never been born, was getting out of prison on parole after 30 years. How cold Maura possibly say no to taking in the lovable old gangster?

Maura: Paddy says he won't last much longer in prison.
Jane: Is it bad form to say Yay!? | permalink

I was with Jane on this one. That was until Casey brought an entirely different perspective. 

Paddy Sr. was an institutionalized old man who was terrified of living outside of prison walls. That certainly wasn't an excuse for how poorly he treated his doting granddaughter but it was another side to the story. Still, I loved that Jane got in the old man's face every chance she could. 

Speaking of Casey, it was great to see him once again. I do love him and Jane together and despite what happens in the book series, I hope these two have a chance at a future.

But Jane's worried she'll lose some part of herself if she commits to Casey and Casey's been promoted to Colonel and must decide if his future is with the Army.

My biggest problem with the episode was that we never saw Jane and Casey's conversation about getting married. Did he propose? Was there a conversation about what they wanted from one another and their futures? How could they not show the audience such a vitally important moment for these characters?

Am I the only one who felt cheated about the lack of actual wedding talk? Do you have any interest in Paddy Sr. returning...or hope or any of Maura's biological family? And how will you spendl the time between now and the winter season of Rizzoli & Isles?


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Like Nene said, it seems to me Casey's always running away and he and Jane never really got a chance to be a couple. I don't know if she'll say yes, knowing Casey will drop his career for her, and not knowing whether they're a good match when they spend more than three days in a row together.


I can not believe. Terrible season finale.
I think it was a season difficult. Because the death of young Lee. Now, I hope it does not spoil the series for the departure of Janet Tamaro.
I think it would be unfortunate. I like that the series shows the personal and private life of the protagonists and other characters. I hope this does not change in the fifth season.
Also, the fifth season should have more action, drama and suspense.


"Am I the only one who felt cheated about the lack of actual wedding talk?" No. Jane and Casey have so little chemistry that the proposal scene (which *was* filmed) probably got canned because it was boring. As for "actual wedding talk," I'm waiting for Jane and Maura to get hitched. Talk about chemistry: RIZZOLI & ISLES!


I agree with all Christine's comments regarding episode 12/season 4, particularly regarding the omission of the wedding conversation between Jane and Casey. I too hope we see more of Casey in the series. I really enjoy the bond between Jane and Maura and love the character played by Lorraine Bracco. I am thrilled there is to be a Season 5.


any idea what will happen to lee Thomson character


Honestly, I would think the same thing. I no for a fact that Casey love Jane but he is always running back to army. Look at all the stuff that happen when he got hurt. He compeletly left her out of everything. I understand that he was trying to protect her but he hurt her badly. Then when he did get better he left her for the Army once again. So I see where Jane is coming from with her feel about him and the Army. However, he choose her now if I was Jane I would be a little confused because that proposal came out of nowhere can we all say hell mary pass. Then what gets me he told her that if she reject his proposal that he was going back to the Army. I mean come on she have a month to think about a life chang event.


I actually noticed Casey's promotion when he first showed up to smooch her in the precinct - the silver eagle on the center of his uniform is the insignia of a full colonel (known informally as a 'bird' colonel). Is anyone else getting a bit irked with Jane's insecurity regarding her relationship with Casey? She immediately thought that he loved the Army more than he loved her. Come on, seriously? That wasn't what he was saying at all!

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Maura: Paddy says he won't last much longer in prison.
Jane: Is it bad form to say Yay!?

Frost: How come you two are competing over who takes the least vacation days.
Jane: Because we're studs.