Rookie Blue Round Table: "Deception"

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When Marlo's "Deception" finally came to a head on last week's Rookie Blue, Sam and Andy found themselves in the middle of the drama.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Nicole, Heather, and Yana from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum as they argue about Marlo's future and whether Andy can have the emotionally honest relationship she wants with Nick or Sam.

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What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Nicole: I think it's a tie between Oliver's hilarious and priceless voicemail to Andy and watching Andy's reaction to Marlo's confession about Sam (surprisingly). The reason I would even choose that scene is because although die-hard McSwarek fans know Andy's feelings for Sam haven't changed, her reaction to Marlo's words proved it to the audience. She was almost to the point of tears, because Marlo described exactly how Andy feels about Sam, and I loved watching Andy not be able to hide it. It was one of those moments of hope for McSwarek fans.

Heather: Normally I'd pick a Sam and Andy scene, but I really liked Traci in the elevator with Steve. Just love their verbal back and forth and the look she gave him. Priceless.

Yana: Oliver's message to Andy. "Anyway, miss you, bye, kisses." In an otherwise heavy episode, it was pure hilarity. Close second- Traci asking out Steve.

Christine: Marlo's breakdown in the car where she admits she's in love with Sam. Rachel Ancheril did an amazing job and my heart broke for Marlo in that moment. A close second was Traci and Steve in the elevator. They are such fun and have great chemistry. I love that they never take themselves too seriously.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Separate from Sam and Marlo's relationship, do you want Marlo to remain at 15 Division?

Nicole: That is a tough question. I have never seen Marlo outside of a relationship with Sam, so I can only judge her from that. However, based on the way she has acted towards others, I would have to say no. Regardless of her being with Sam (though, I never considered her a serious threat to McSwarek in the long run), when she let Andy take the fall for her, along with hiding her illness (also putting it on Andy) with the job she has (risking others' lives), she pretty much lost any chance of me ever rooting for her.

Heather: I'd like Marlo to get the help she needs. I think she is a kick butt kind of girl and I'd like her to come through this stronger and keep her job, but stay away from Sam.

Yana: No. And yes. As a huge Sam and Andy lover, she hasn't been my favorite this season. Having gotten that off my chest, yes, I do want to see Marlo back at 15. One mistake shouldn't undo an entire career, and her cop intuition was still on point: Ford is a predator. However, it will be hard to get past the fact that she kept such a huge secret and endangered so many people.

Christine: Like everyone else, I hated Marlo in the beginning but she's really grown on me. I loved it when she told Andy in "Poison Pill" that she hated that they were two women yelling about a guy who wasn't even there. I think she's a great cop and I'm fascinated by the complication of her bipolar disorder. So no matter what happens between her and Sam, I'd really like her to stay.

Should Andy have shared the secrets of her day with Nick?

Nicole: I am undecided. As a McSwarek fan, I would say no, but I do realize that she did it as part of her goal of finding a "stable" relationship with better communication, so I can't fault her for that. That being said, I don't think she shared because she needed his support (she even lied at first); I think she just shared because of the efforts she's trying to make for that type of relationship. With Sam, she's always shared because that's what her heart wanted and needed...his support, even before they were together.

Heather: I just can't see Andy and Nick as a viable couple even with it being portrayed that way on screen.  Sure, share your secrets, because I think they make good friends; they have almost a brother/sister relationship. Their "romantic scenes" make my skin crawl.

Yana: Yes. If Andy means what she says - that she wants open and honest - than she has to give it in order to get it in return. Nick has always been there for her, and she has to talk to someone, it's  too much to keep inside.

Christine: I do wonder if she told him everything. That Marlo's bipolar? That she forged an entry in Marlo's notebook to save her career? That Sam asked her to do it? I wish I knew exactly what she told Nick.  But it's obvious Nick really cares for her and if she wants this relationship to work she can't shut him out.

Traci finally gave Steve a chance and asked him out. What do you think of these two as a couple?

Nicole: It will be interesting to see what is done with this storyline, but unless the character of Steve is added on as full-time, I doubt it will last long. One thing I've noticed is that Steve has been more respectful of Traci's wishes than Nick has been of Andy's. Steve has teased Traci after she basically told him 'no', but has never pushed her about it; whereas with Nick, Andy was going to tell him 'no' that morning (which he knew), and yet, he kept pushing her. So for that, Steve gets brownie points from me.

Heather: You can probably tell from my first answer that I actually like Traci and Steve. They have good chemistry, but it has to be scary to get involved with another detective. They have a good vibe. They're fun.

Yana: Love. LOVE. Steve is obviously smitten with Traci, and she deserves someone awesome. Every scene they have together makes me smile from ear to ear. When Steve showed up to help Traci with the UC sting after Sam left, it reminded me of classic McSwarek: she calls and he is happy to be by her side to help.

Christine: I love these two together. And for all of the teasing, he really seems to respect her as a detective, more so than Jerry did. Steve is a fun challenge for Traci and he's completely into her. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of these two.

Andy wants an emotionally open and honest relationship. Can Sam give her that or is she better off with Nick?

Nicole: Nick has his own agenda. Sam and Andy are meant to be together; they're the perfect partnership. But just like in real life, relationships require continuous change (growth), as people change throughout their lives. Sam can give her that, but both he and Andy are going to have to let go of their pride and face themselves (their toughest obstacle). They'll get there eventually, and it will make them even stronger, both individually and together, but it's a process that takes time. Anything as beautiful as the love they share is worth fighting for.

Heather: In order for Andy to have an emotionally open and honest relationship, she has to be honest with herself.  She is trying things with Nick because it's what she thinks she should want (just like Luke), but its not what she really wants.  Andy loves Sam and always will love Sam.

Yana: My McSwarek heart screams Sam all the way! I think Sam has shown his evolution, his ability to open up (albeit to Marlo) and a desire to be "known." Sure, his ability to be open may still be a work in progress, but Nick isn't always so honest either (see: how he handled his relationship with Gail). Sam and Andy need to finally get on the same page and give Oliver something to celebrate.

Christine: Sam isn't very good at sharing his feelings or his past and to be honest I didn't like the way he treated Andy last season after Jerry was killed. Even now, he tells Oliver he pictures a future with Andy but can't seem to tell Andy that and is still with Marlo. Despite all of the Nick haters, when he realized he really wanted Andy, he told her so. I honestly don't believe that Andy and Nick are the end game but I do see the appeal of being in a relationship that's a little less complicated than McSwarek.

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i think it bothered andy that she couldn't tell oliver what was going on. i've really enjoyed watching the sam and traci scences this season


Andy and Sam forever


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Andy better off with Nick for anything other than a distraction fling? Bwhahahaha, thanks for breaking the tension of waiting for ep 412 to air. I really needed a good laugh!!


Fav scene: Mine were also the Ollie message & Steve/Traci in the elevator (I don't even care how ridiculous that was as a take down plan, it was AWESOME!) I would only want Marlo to be allowed back in a much more restricted capacity that does not involve carrying a weapon. It's pretty clear she can't function in the role she has now, but I think she does have skills and knowledge that could be useful, and she might find a role she could like. She must take a leave to heal AND be penalized though. Meh, I'm torn about Andy telling Nick. He's a giant mistake from the get go, but if Andy is bound & determined to give it a try, I guess she kind of had to tell him at least some of it. I LOVE Traci and Steve together. I don't know if they'll work as a couple and I'm fine with an extended flirtation before things get serious. I just want Steve back and for this to continue into season 5. Andy better off with Nick for anything other than a distraction fling? Bwhahahaha, thanks for breaking the tension of waiting for ep 412 to air tonight. I needed a good laugh.


Loved your answers to the last question most of all! Great ideas.


I am enjoying this season. I really like Nick and Andy. They have a strong base for a relationship. Much stronger than any other relationship she has been in before. Don’t get me wrong; as much as I like Nick and Andy, I love Sam and Andy. So I am still hoping for that relationship. But it is nice to see her growing in the relationship with Nick. It has also been nice to see Sam really try and grow with Marlo, to the point he tried to open up and share with her. I don’t understand why people are upset with Nick for liking Andy and after breaking up with Gail choosing to act upon those feelings. Yes he had a crush on her from undercover, but he never acted on those feelings. He chose to stay true to Gail and try and make that relationship work. It was Gail who chose to blow things up with their relationship. She chose to cheat with some random guy. I like Gail. I love snarky and mean, but I don’t fault Nick for breaking up with her. She cheated on him. I also think that he entered the relationship with Andy honestly. I know people talk about his agenda or that he should have respected her when she said she did not want to because of other people, but I liked the fact that he said he heard her, but that he did not agree and that he would wait until she was ready. Here is where I think we are at. Sam is stuck. I don’t see him walking away from Marlo now, no matter how much he loves Andy. Sam is a fixer and he will blame himself for her troubles. So I don’t think that he will be able to get out of that relationship as easily as he would have before her manic episode. Andy isn’t going to act quickly to get back with Sam because of what Marlo said. As much as she may still love him it is not in her to try and interfere and make things worse for Marlo.


I think that Nick has some obvious flaws that Andy will discover and realize that he isn't perfect for her like Sam has been. Sam is always there for her until that unrealistic breakup that doesn't fit Sam's character. Nick always seems to walk away when things get tough. He walked away from Gail twice, in humiliating ways, he got out of the house real fast when Andy was holding that bomb, and he shot her even though he thought that the gun wasn't loaded and scared her to death. Sam wouldn't have taken the chance.


Christine, you're not alone on the Nick thing. I get that Sam is end game, but right now, Nick is the one who seems more equip to be in a healthy relationship. What I see with Sam is a person whose childhood experiences have really messed him up in terms of how to access and communicate his feelings. While the webisodes are great, what he really needs is a shrink within the on-screen episodes. Maybe being with Marlo will get him into some therapy!

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