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I hope that in S5 do not have to keep watching Andy with Nick.
Mr. Perfect that left the "woman who hit him and knew he was trouble when he first saw" (by Gail, obviously) in the middle of the rainy night, alone in the parking lot, desolate and crying.


i dont get it, in the start of the season sam was already with soomeone else,andy took it the best she could,with all her feelings,love and intentions backed out ,she gave marlo the chance,she choose give love another try with nick, hot nick, the nick that respect her as friend until gail cheated and gave him the space to be free ,now, knowing that sams loves her ,is his time to see andy with someone else in a different way he could never be ,he is changing but as in real life ,too late for the person he wants ,at least that's how it looks righ now, just two eps left, i love this season,with this new dinamic,cast and energy, i dont want to see cloe die nad much less wait 10 months of waiting for next season.

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