The Newsroom Review: Pulling Off the Happy Ending

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It's "Election Night, Part II" and although we all know how the election turned out, The Newsroom season 2 finale left me giddy in a way I never expected. 

(And if you haven't watched the episode yet…MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!)

Okay. You've been warned.

Mac's Last Night

There was so much angst going into this episode. Almost everyone on the staff was begging to be fired, literally. They'd all but given up on their future at ACN... but then Jane, an anchor in the DC office gunning for Will's job, took a jab at MacKenzie in this The Newsroom quote

We'll try not to drop Sarin gas on anyone while we do it. | permalink

Thank you, Jane ,for being such a b*tch because that mean girl moment seemed to turn the tide from defeatism to determination. And it wasn't just about the job.

Will and Mac. Talk about a roller coaster ride. The conversation in the hair and makeup room was heartbreaking as Will told Mac that the engagement ring she found was a practical joke. That he didn't pick it out and he had it returned the next day. Mac's face absolutely crumbled as he spoke the words. Still she managed to give the perfect retort, though.

I brutally hurt you and that's a fact and facts don't change but in my lifetime I've never done it intentionally. | permalink

Later,  Charlie did a complete turn around as he decided to rescind his resignation. I think it was Jane's snarkiness that got his fight back. Then Will realized…

Except for the things we did wrong, we did everything right. | permalink

And it's as though Will went into a trance. As if the entire history of his relationship with MacKenzie was playing out in his mind and he realized that the same sentiment applied to them. Then he muttered, "The rest was me" and ran to find Mac.

The logical part of my brain was saying, Are you serious? as he proposed to the woman he's done nothing but quarrel with for two seasons. But the romantic in me knew that these two have been crazy in love since the start of the show. And if Will can finally forgive her then they have a chance at a future.  

Besides, how could she say no to a man holding a gorgeous $250,000 ring?!?

Will: No matter what you say, I am going to be in love with you for the rest of my life. There's no way out of that. It's just a physical law of the Universe. You own me. No matter what you say I will never stop. | permalink

There's no reason why they can't work out their issues while their engaged. And how can I possibly complain when the entire scene left me smiling from ear to ear?

Don and Sloan. Thankfully Will and Mac weren't the only ones making progress. After an entire season of dancing around one another, Don and Sloan finally got some lip action going.

Sloan's continued investigation was solved with old movies as she recognized that the names on her auction list were all names of fictional characters. When she finally noticed the posters on Don's wall, she took action.

In one of the most awesome scenes of the entire series, Sloan marched into the control room, signed the book, pushed into Don's chest and then gave him a kiss that left him watching her sashay away with his mouth agape. Go Sloan!

During The Newsroom Season 1 I would have never guessed that Don Keefer could turn out to be one of my favorite characters. His reaction to the kiss was only topped by his tirade to Rebecca about putting warnings on coffee and irons. I could have kissed him just for that.

Jim's Angels. Writing that made me a little ill because I simply don't think Jim's worth it. Where Don's stock rose with me this season, Jim's plummeted. 

It was great to see Lisa back once again but horrifying to hear her tell Jim that she's smart enough to know she's not smart enough for him. I hope I'm not the only one who wanted to shake some sense into her. 

Jim's saving grace was his relationship with Hallie, although I wonder how they'd do if they weren't long distance. And if anyone should get fired, it should probably be Jim for all of that Skyping with the competition during work hours. 

But it was his interactions with Maggie that had me shrugging my shoulders. Really, it never occurred to him that she cut her own hair? Okay, he's a guy. I suppose I can let that go.

Although it was great to hear Maggie tell him why she cut it, I think that hearing the same scene between her and Lisa would have been more compelling. 

Finally we had the hilarious scene between Charlie and Reese, who both had changes of heart. Charlie rescinded his resignation as Reese decided to take the high road and not accept it. Leona was right. They were both idiots. 

Then we had Will stumbling over the enormous amount of M's in MacKenzie's name once the McAvoy is added. When the entire room got over its shock and began hugging and applauding, I just about cried. These people have been so miserable all season long that it was wonderful to finally see their joy. 

And in the end, Maggie clicked on the Yellow alert, just like she'd witnessed Jim do when she first noticed him. Is this a new chapter for Maggie? A new story arc for The Newsroom? I really can't wait for next season to find out.


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This episode was fantastic and dramatically reversed the darkness that prevailed throughout the entire season. In my view the little things make this such a terrific show. Of course,the dialogue and plotting are excellent but the song " let my love " at the end was PERFECT. Kudos to whoever selected it as a send off for Will's proposal


I love this show. And particularly the last 3 episodes. Each of them made me feel great - especially after a season of watching the characters go through the entire Genoa ordeal. (Though I was absorbed with the unfolding process of the season plot.) I agree with others who said they never thought Don would end up being a truly likable character. The tirade with the attorney about federal regulations requiring warnings was terrific. And the scene with Sloan and the book; the autograph and the kiss was something I'll remember until the next season comes around. I loved the proposal, but agree with ALH - the kiss lacked the chemistry Will and Mac usually have. When you have a TV show, no matter what the theme, romance is an inevitable part of the character development. It does not undermine the overall concept of the show. It just adds to the depth. Lastly, with great hope that Aaron Sorkin can find the time to write a Season 3, it would be great to get more episodes. I suppose, the way he writes, every 2 episodes is like writing a full length movie. That's a lot of work. But like everyone who loves all of his work, I just can't get enough.


To Hanin, They showed a quick shot of a computer screen with the results of the Michigan race towards the en. Dan Benishek (R) - 52,590
Gary McDowell (D) - 52, 563


Okay here's my question.... Did Michigan win? I dont Think that they Said in the ep onless i didn't see it. :)


Simon - In episode 6 of this season, "One Step Too Many" Will broke up with Nina after his horrendous appearance on the ACN morning show. Evangeline ALH - That's OK. Thanks for the correction. I'll go in and change it now. Tahonia - According to HBO, they're working to accommodate Sorkin's busy schedule. Hopefully season 3 should happen, we just may have to wait a little longer for it.


Wow, I didn't see that coming. Something was bound to happen with Will and Mac before the end of the season, but this was a fantastic surprise! And Will's perfect proposal - who wouldn't have said yes to that?? :) Can't wait for next season! Don has (unexpectedly) become one of my favorites this year, too. All of his interactions with Sloan and the lawyer were priceless, and now the kiss - the whole scene was brilliant!
Altogether an amazing season finale, absolutely perfect! I really hope next season will be more like the first though, and of course - please HBO, give us more episodes!!!


Except for the excellent writing and the compelling characters, this show is mediocre. I know that sounds ridiculous, but here's what i mean. If the newsroom concept were actually significant, there wouldn't have to be office romances to keep our interest. But most importantly, go and watch a network news show. And tell me you care. Admit it, you barely look at the anchor and you certainly aren't worried if he or she gets the scoop on any of the other networks. Sorkin acknowledges this by loading each episode with romance. A sad trivialization of the news and yet I keep watching because of the sharp dialog. End of story.


I loved this season and this particular show. I know Daniels has said there would be a third season, but Sorkin hasn't agreed yet. But really. We need to let some newsworthy events stack up. Maybe we need to take a couple of years off just to let the storylines accumulate. I agree that Don became the Best Good Guy of the season and that Jim's role was rather lame.... I loved Don's backup when humiliation turned to rage a couple of eps back. Oh well Great Season!


So, am I the only one that seems confused? As far as I am aware, Will and the gossip magazine woman are still together? I can't remember any indication of them breaking up and we even got to see them at his flat together. I was just waiting for her to walk in after the proposal. Did I miss something?


The movie is Sweet Smell of Success with Burt Lancaster and Toy Curtis, not a musical. Sweet Bird of Youth is a Paul Newman movie based on a Tennessee Williams play. Sorry for correcting you, but that irritated me. I loved the finale, save for the fact this shouldn't have been the season finale. I need about five more episodes, but I'd take only one. I hate that we must wait an entire year. I was first disappointed that Maggie and Jim didn't get together and this Hallie girl was introduced; after last season, I really wanted Jim and Maggie to happen. Now, I'm glad they didn't. His stock for me has definitely plummeted, while Maggie really seems to have grown as a person. She went through a traumatic experience in Africa, but I think she has finally goten some strength. I remember her telling Jim in the first season about the date she had where she ended up beneath the jerk's bed as he made up wih his girlfriend, literally on top of her. I think she deserves a man better than Jim next season, unless maybe Jim finally gets hs head out of his a**. I always knew Will and Mac would be together. And I never thought I would have ever liked Don too. Can't wait till next season.

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