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On Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 4, Vincent realized that not only wasn't he invincible, he remembered why he wasn't a fireman before he became a beast.

That's right - Vincent's memories are starting to flood back thanks to unanticipated stimuli.

"Hothead" felt a lot like an episode that would have aired during Beauty and the Beast Season 1, with Gabe stepping in for Evan (gulp, I still miss him) and Tess trying to take Cat's mind off of Vincent with mind erasers and massage. 

Cat's Disturbing Call

Just one memory and Vincent is completely unable to concentrate. He's begging Bob Reynolds for a new beast to hunt, but Bob's methods of searching take a lot longer than Vincent needs. Bob reminds Vincent of how important it is to keep his mind in the game, that he's a soldier - blah blah blah - but Vincent knows all of that. He wants a beast to track to take his mind off of Cat, not to be disengaged.

Things with Gabe are obviously going to come to a crazy head at come point. He's going out of his way to try to find an opportunity to kill the beast in Vincent like Cat did in him, but he's doing it while being attracted to Cat. We watched how difficult that was for Evan to deal with, and it's not going to be any easier for Gabe, no matter how honorable he's being at this point.

Tess plucking his feathers every chance she gets isn't helping, but it does make things fun. It's great to have the old Tess back, even if she has been relegated to being a side-kick for the time being. She has far more skills than that role requires, and Gabe needs to stop pushing her out just so he can have Cat time. 

That said, at least Tess is getting her fair share of air time. Who else missed J.T. this week? C'mon! Just because Vincent doesn't live with him doesn't mean he's not essential to the show. Let's get Tess and J.T. tracking down some leads. If Gabe wants Cat time, then send Tess and J.T. out on the road.

That will work for us as viewers and for Gabe to keep Cat to himself as he tries to please her by delivering Vincent on a silver platter.

It was great giving Vincent a visit by his nephew. It also made good sense with respect to the story and timeline. Families of firefighters tend to stay that way, so having Aaron follow in his father's footsteps was well done. What wasn't well done was how he didn't recognize his uncle Vincent. I do not buy for one nanosecond that Vincent's photo isn't displayed next to that of his deceased brothers all over the grandparents' house. Aaron would have recognized him immediately.

That was my one bone to pick with the episode, and it was a pretty big one. Everything else was so good, from the way Vincent's short stint as a firefighter was explained to his quick kiss with Cat before he ran into a burning building to try to find Aaron and Cat and Vincent coming together again at the end realizing they can't stay apart, no matter what he remembers.

When they stood in front of the 9/11 Memorial, Vincent said "My brothers here." Cat's reply was, "They're heroes." It was difficult not to get teary in that moment. As Vincent remembers so little, one of the things he does remember is that he had brothers, loved them so much and then how he lost them. Visiting where they last stood with Cat was a beautiful way to acknowledge his growing memories.

It's obvious Bob Reynolds is going to get less accommodating as Vincent gains more memories. I hope he doesn't think it's a good idea to try to erase his memories again. Once was enough. He can't keep messing with Vincent's life - and certainly not his daughter's.

I have to wonder what he feels being so close to her. Does he have any desire to know her, especially since the man she knew as her dad has died? Now that Heather is gone, there is nothing keeping him from a proper introduction. What will she do if she puts it all together - who he is and his relationship to Vincent - before he gets a chance to make clear who he is? She forgave her mother for her involvement in the creation of beasts, would she do the same for Bob Reynolds?

This week felt like things took a turn for the better. There is less anxiety and antagonism between the characters. Gabe's a wild card with his feelings for Cat, but we've had that before in Evan. Bring J.T. back into the fold and I'll be happy.

What did you think about this week's episode? Did you enjoy meeting another Keller? Do you think Gabe will eventually change his mind about helping Cat reunite with Vincent?


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I really enjoyed this episode, I love is season, so much better than last season and I agree with your review completely!


Decent episode. I did enjoy metting another Keller. I think that Gabe will change his mind.


I am so torn this season. On the one hand I like the story lone and the writing much better than last season, but as for Vincent and Cat as a couple, I am getting frustrated. The show centers around them, but out of every other aspect in the show, that one is one only one that refuses to grow or change. We spent all last season waiting for them to get together, so I assumed that this season we would get to see them grow and evolve as a couple. But instead they have taken us pretty much back to square one where we are yet again watching and waiting as they work on getting together. I'm tired of watching them sort of, almost, maybe, kind of be together-ish. It just feels like we should be past this by now on into new relationship territory. PS, am I the only one getting a bit tired of the curing Vincent plot? I mean come on, there is no way they are going to actually cure him, at least not until maybe the very end of the series. The show is not called Beauty and the(random guy who used to be a)Beast.

@ Jen

I personally feel like Vincent and Catherine cannot properly be together before they sort out their own personal issues. So them being in their 'we don't know what we are' phase doesn't really irk me as much, especially since we know it is a fact that they will end up together despite anything. And yes, the cure storyline is very annoying and should not be brought up anytime soon.

@ kiki09

I agree with u Jen im also torn. Im getting frustrated. Now the show centers only in Vincent and Catherine. and not in other aspect of the show. I need a case of the week as well like S1 but that involves also Vincent and Catherine and their personal lives. The show is not only of Vin and Catherine.

@ Jen

I think that's the nature of any of these types of shows. They do it on all of them. Even on a show as innocuous as Bones... how long did they drag out the will they/won't they? Right up to the vows. They'll always play with whether they belong together as long as he's beastly, and always want to cure him, because it is natural to want to be human again. It goes against the grain of the show, but is also inherent in the show's makeup for them to keep trying.

@ Carissa Pavlica

(Sorry, that comment below was supposed to go here, hit the wrong button.) But I did want to add, I get what you are saying about Bones, but in a show like that the will they won't they works, because there is a legitimate chance that they won't That show is a crime drama with romance. If Bone and Booth broke up there would still be a show. If Cat and Vincent broke up, that's it. Show's pretty much over. (Side note, I personally thing the will-they-won't-they on Bones was actually better than when they actually got together.)


Decent episode, but I am not liking all the things, and more specifically people they are adding to Vincent's life. How can we go from the pilot where he had no one for the cops to questions bout him but an old roommate(JT) to now having an ex fiancé, nephew, parents, and lord knows who else still around? Character backstory is good, but in Vincent's case, the more they add, the less plausible the rest of his story becomes. And as for Bob telling Cat he is her father, I think it might be more likely that Vincent will remember that he knew Bob is her dad but not remember that he hadn't told her and end up letting it slip. Just a theory. Though I can say that I wanted to throw something at my screen when Cat actually had the nerve to tell Vincent that he needs to be patient and let his memories come back slowly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? She's been hounding him since the day he came back and now suddenly she's preaching patients? Ugh.

@ Teece

Well in terms of new people in his live, you can't compare what happens in a pilot to what happens as the season progresses. I don't think it's farfetched from them to develop the story and to add people to Vincent's universe. Plus, there's a likely possibility that Muirfield tampered with his records so that it could state that he had no next of kin.

@ Teece

I think that might be what bothers me the most about the show in general though. In any version of Beauty and the Beast, even the series this one was based from, the idea is supposed to be loving someone despite the issues (physical, emotional, whatever) not trying to fix them. I do like the show far more than I believed I would, but to me it is much more like the Hulk than Beauty and the Beast. I don't think any of the original Beauties would have had such a hard time loving the Beast if he was only fanged and hairy 10% of the time. :)

@ Teece

It did bug me about Cat preaching patience, but I also know others wanted me to show more of it, so I let it go. LOL You caught my lack of coverage, so there ya go! Ya win some, ya lose some. At least maybe they're moving past the will they/won't they stuff. Of course they will.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Bob: What's going on here? Why the sudden rush? What happened? Does it have something to do with Catherine?
Vincent: Yeah. You know what? Yeah, it does. OK? I remembered something about her. You know, it wasn't much, it was just a flash, but sir, it is messing with my head, OK? I feel like I am two different people and it's driving me crazy.

Cat: OK - my life is a mess, are you happy?
Tess: Only if you switch out those earrings. They're too dangly. I can't. I just can't, I can't.

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