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Vincent: My brothers are here.
Cat: They're heroes.

Well, it's amazing what a little honesty and a few memories can accomplish, huh?


Because you feel it too, memories aren't just playback. They trigger emotion, and emotion doesn't lie. It's real. It reveals who you were, who you are.


Cat: Do you wanna remember me?
Vincent: Yeah, I do, more than anything in the world.

Vincent: Look, I'm sorry to drag you into this. The last thing to I want to be in your life is some pain in the ass.
Cat: It's too late.

Cat: I can't believe Vincent would be so reckless.
Gabe: Personally, I don't believe he's handling your time out very well.

Trouble is getting a flat tire. You flattened a judge. Not just any judge, a federal judge.


Tess: You know you don't have to hit it so hard, right?
Cat: Yeah, I do.
Tess: Wow. Wanna talk about it some more?
Cat: No. I'm having fun.
Tess: Which I'm all for. But we don't have to go the whole night pretending like nothing's wrong.
Cat: Well then what was the point of those three mind erasers?

Bob: What's going on here? Why the sudden rush? What happened? Does it have something to do with Catherine?
Vincent: Yeah. You know what? Yeah, it does. OK? I remembered something about her. You know, it wasn't much, it was just a flash, but sir, it is messing with my head, OK? I feel like I am two different people and it's driving me crazy.

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