New Girl Scoop: Who's Moving Out?

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Damon Wayans Jr. is moving in. And someone on New Girl is moving out.

According to E! News, the Fox sitcom will solve the problem of a returning Coach by shaking up the series and having this character move back in to the loft as a roommate.

The question, of course: Who will he be replacing?

New Girl Cast Shot

It's not who you think, E! claims, while adding that the cast member in question will NOT be leaving the show. Just the apartment.

So... will it be Winston, simply because he's crazy? Schmidt because he isn't very popular these days? Or either Jess or Nick in order to keep their relationship fresh?

Take your best guess now!

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I've seen every episode of this series, and I thought the guy who plays Winston replaced the other guy. I don't remember the group meeting Winston as a new character.

@ RG

Like the second episode they barely touched on it when Winston moved in by saying that he was their original roommate before coach. It was minor, but meant to give the coach story an open ending.


I really hate how this show is turning out !!! I don't see why they have to ruin the friendships and add nick and Jess together and now schmit moves out!!! May not continue to watch this show anymore !!! The writers are ruining this series


Schmidt.. I'm adding words to the comment will be longer..


Im going with Schmidt.


I think Nick will move out.


I'm going with Schmidt.


Nick should move out of the loft.

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