Once Upon a Time Review: No Escape

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Once Upon a Time continued its best season yet by proving that it's hard to escape our "Nasty Habits" and that most of us feel lost sooner or later.

Rumpelstiltskin conjured another vision of Belle as he prepared to do battle with Peter Pan. She brought up an pleasant point of truth for the Dark One in this Once Upon a Time quote

A lifetime of craven self interest is a nasty habit that you've never been able to break. | permalink

But the truth was that Belle wasn't doing the talking, that's simply the voice in Rumpel's head. The one that tells him that one day his beloved Belle will leave him just as Neal did. Just as Mila did. Just like his father.

Peter Pan's New Plan

Yes, Rumpelstiltskin is indeed a lost boy in his own right and apparently his history with Peter goes back farther than anyone would have guessed. 

It was great to see Neal finally make his way to Neverland, but I found his first interaction with the Lost Boys frustrating.

Neal: I'm not a boy anymore Felix and I sure as hell ain't lost. | permalink

Unfortunately, he might not be the smartest man either. Why didn't he take that rope and tie an unconscious Felix up before running off, especially when he knew the primary Lost Boy would run to tell Pan the moment he woke up?

When Rumpel assumed his son was nothing more than a vision, it was Neal's "please Papa" that broke through the haze and broke my heart a little too. It felt as though everyone on Neverland has been more than a little wounded. Too bad that Pan's more than willing to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

Which was exactly what happened when he told Neal of the prophecy. It would have been nice if Neal had believed in his father, but I could understand why he made the decision he did. As a parent, your first priority is to protect your child from anyone who could be a threat and the past has made Neal wary of his father.

It took Pan using the memory of Henry's "lost" parents to begin to turn the boy. Henry believes his father is dead and that he may never see his mothers again. Enough time has passed for him to be feeling a little lost without his family. 

I hated that Henry could finally hear the pipe music. I've always felt the Pied Piper was one of the scarier fairy tales. Linking Pan to the tale was an inspired twist. 

We didn't get much of Regina, except to deliver her brand of sarcastic humor. I hope that no matter what happens to the Evil Queen in the future she never loses that trait. It's far too much fun.

And poor Emma struggled to come up with a plan to find her son and get everyone out of Neverland... all the while mourning Neal. How sad that she only now allowed herself to admit that she's always loved him. 

I guess that won't help Hook's cause of winning over Miss Swan but as he told Charming…

Hook: If there's one thing I've learned from you hero types is that there's always hope. | permalink

As usual, I liked how he stuck by Emma's side no matter what and that he's keeping quiet for Charming while still prompting him to be honest with his family. Despite his pirate ways, Hook seems to have developed a soft spot for Emma and her family.

So will Charming live or die? Will Hook make headway with Emma before she runs into Neal? And will Rumpel's history with Pan allow him to finally take the boy down on the next Once Upon a Time.


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Grimmfan#10: I agree with your post. I'm losing interest in OUAT. I don't find Peter Pan or any of the Neverland story line interesting. Not sure how much longer I will be watching.


Here's my thought. The prophecy spoke of boy that would reunite Rumple and Baelfire. Everyone is thinking it's Henry but has anyone considered it could be Pan? Pan could be Rumple's undoing. Everything Pan does is a game and so I think Rumple is too focused on Henry to realize the true threat of Pan.


Didn't Baelfire get to the real world when he was young? And, wasn't he taken by Pan's shadow in London, to replace Wendy and her brothers? How come they changed it that Baelfire stayed with Rumpel until his tween years?


Ok I am getting a little tired of this Peter Pan and neverland story. Speed it up and get back to storybrook. Get Rumpy and Belle back together already. Start the Regina and Robinhood storyline already. Don't care if Emma is with Neal or Hook. Get off the island already!


So I wonder when the HOOK up is?? Pardon the pun I mean Pan.. LOL


can u PLEASE not put a promo that's the QUEEN OF SPOILERS at the end of ur reviews,
I really don't like to be spoiled! I come to this website to read reviews of episodes I HAVE SEEN, not to ruin my viewing of future episodes!!!!!


Actually Peter Pan has always been linked to what people call "the Peter Pan syndrome in men". Immaturity, selfishness, not wanting to grow up emotionally and accept responsibility. Need to always getting one's way and hating being told what to do. Add to these traits...lack of empathy, genuine caring and the need to control and possess and you have Narcissism. Peter Pan was always a classic narcissist,(even in the book)and like all narcissists are utterly charming and appealing in the beginning...until you get to know the real person behind the façade. Wendy was strong and insightful enough to leave when she does so in the book.


This was a terrible episode. Terrible. So we've believed that Snow is a "bad ass" princess but now says she can't live without a man? She seemed so pathetic when she said that, you've been alone once, and if he died you should be able to be strong for your daughter and grandson. Neal is also dumb to walk through the forests alone. Dude, if he wanted Henry dead trust me it would've been done already. What did he think would happen when he walked away alone?? These episodes have been such a drag, I've never liked Henry so I really don't care about whether they get him back or not.


Why does Henry being Rumpels undoing have to mean death? What about it changes him to be a better man?


Rumpel-Neal scenes is where Neal should be at but he is someone i do not get and do not quite like, i try to but he always seems to be making crappy decisions and never FULLLY owns up to it, its always half-truths with him. Charming really needs to tell his family and Hook is not wrong in telling Charming to do that, Hook knows what loss feels like and i dont think he can see Emma lose another person so soon. I love Hook, he is doing all he can and still the sadness still lingers in him, he cant tell anyone or let it out. Wasnt nice to see how Charming just shoves Hook esp when Hook is trying is hard to do things with his one hand and a hook. I love Hook-Emma, i love that he has just been there at her side and believes in her totally.

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Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Be careful. Love is a weapon, Deary. The most dangerous weapon of all which means the pain you should worry about isn't the kind inflicted by a broken sword but the kind that comes from a broken heart.