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I´m honestly not a fan of Pan but everything around him happening is awesome.

The Rumple/Neal scenes were amazing. I really hoped Neal would trust his Dad. But that would be the easy way out. Either way it was a stupid decision to walk away from Rumple.

The Charming stuff is boring as always, they are always missing give him right progress. Always the Prince never the Hero.

I can´t wait for the Hook hookup it´s long overdue. And how will the next episode transfer to the Ariel, will Hook fall down the hill and be saved by her? This Season is OMG!


this one show was so good. i love how they are making pan so dark and evil
i hope they let us see the back story of peter pan and how he get to neverland
and how he and tinker bell saw each other and how he gotten so dark and evil


HAHA!! Awesome.. Who would of thought that Peter Pan would be the master manipulator, sociopathic antagonist? Brilliant decision to link him to the Pied Piper... one of the creepiest fairy tales EVER


I was actually quite annoyed by the fact that all it took to turn Henry was a bit of sleep and hearing Neal's voice. Seriously? Shouldn't the one with the heart of the truest believer be a bit more confident when it comes to his parents?

On the other side, Neal acted like an idiot. He didn't tie Felix up. He somehow forgot he could never make it through the jungle on his own when Pan is on his heals. He wasn't even able to think straight - if Rumple wanted Henry dead, he would've killed him right on the spot. AND after all these years he spent in Neverland, he of all people should know how Pan manipulates people.


I feel really bad for snow because charming hasn't told her the truth and she can't be there for emma! Oh and charming will live because know if they kill him this show is doomed


I think that Charming should get a second chance to live. I think that Neal would be too late to win Enma back. I also think that Runplr would take down 1 of the lost boys( Felix).


I like that Rumple and Peter Pan story goes back further but I was hoping that they could have done a bigger twist and state they are brothers. I am glad that Henry is turning into a lost boy because it will make him more interesting. I am glad that Tinkle told them that before they can save Henry that they need an exit plan. I cannot wait for the Captain Swan kiss next week and it looks like David wants to ruin it.

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