Once Upon a Time Review: The Fear of Love

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Once Upon a Time has hit its most magical season yet, weaving captivating characters into a spellbinding story. 

"Quite a Common Fairy" turned out to be anything but, as Tinker Bell flew into the Enchanted Forest and offered Regina a second chance at true love. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen was too terrified to take it. 

Regina and Tinker Bell

I truly felt sorry for Regina throughout most of this episode. In the fairy tale past she looked almost innocent. Maybe it was that dress. We don't see her in white very often. She was just so sad and alone. Of course that didn't mean she wasn't angry. As she explained to Tinker Bell in this Once Upon a Time quote, she had no question about who was to blame…

My happy ending looks like Snow's head on a plate. | permalink

When Regina ran from her soulmate, I had to wonder if her terror was over the chance of losing true love once again or if she was afraid to lose the power she was working so hard to gain. Probably a combination of both. 

Unfortunately her fear led to Tinker Bell losing her happy ending as well, not to mention her wings. 

Did anyone else think the Blue Fairy had a serious attitude or was it just me? I suppose there's plenty of back story between her and Tinker Bell but her reactions still seemed harsh. If they all make it back to Storybrooke these two ladies should have an interesting reunion. 

Fast forward to Neverland and the past came back to haunt Regina once again. Lucky for her, Tink wasn't blood thirsty enough to crush her heart, literally. But Regina looked as though she'd given up. As if Henry's well being was all that mattered to her. I especially liked her conversation with Emma when she decided to stay behind. She made it clear that getting Henry away from Peter Pan was her first priority, no matter who made it happen. 

Apparently Charming believed in pixie dust or, as he called it, nuclear fairy dust. He's hoping it's the dream shade poison cure but if Tinker Bell's no longer a fairy, how will he find any of it?

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Neal was desperate to get to Neverland. So much so that he was willing to use another man's toddler as bait. Very scary. 

Mulan just couldn't catch a break. Last season she'd fallen for Philip only to have him wake up his true love. Now it looks like she has feelings for Aurora only to have her end up pregnant with Philip's child. Maybe Mulan will have better luck with the Merry Men.

But some of my favorite moments were between Henry and Peter Pan. First, I was so proud of Henry when he fired the poison arrow at Pan. No, I never expected it to be that easy but I was happy he had the guts to take the chance. 

Second, Pan explained how Henry came from the lineage of the greatest light (Snow White) and the greatest darkness (Rumpelstitskin). I'd never quite thought of it in those terms. Suddenly his obsession with Henry made perfect sense. 

And is Pan right, is simply bringing Henry into the world what makes Emma the savior?  

So do you think Neal will appear just as Emma and Hook get cozy? What are the odds of Charming finding that pixie dust? Are you hoping for a Regina / Robin Hood hook up or should he move on with Mulan? And are you surprised we haven't seen any of Storybrooke yet on Once Upon a Time season 3?


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Mulan loved Phillip, not Aurora. That was some bullshit the audience pulled out of their asses. Why do people love corrupting plutonic love? Why must friendships be turned into romance? BOOOO! And boo at the writers who listened to that audience minority and made Mulan bi with that ambiguous non-confession. *throws tomatoes* Thankfully though, that ridiculous plot died with that scene and Mulan can go back to being a third wheel somewhere else. Boo Mulan in general. I hate her weak character that looks and acts nothing like a warrior other than wearing heavy armor. Emma is more muscular than her. She could kick her butt in minutes in real life. Ugh. So fastforwarding all Mulan's scenes.


I love how they show the decent of the evil queen. It denned like the early days of her marriage where that hatred was beginning to build and fester.


(cont.)...been no build up to their love story. Her and Hook on the other hand have been so much fun to watch. Their relationship is building slowly and steady and I really hope they don't throw away all that work just for the sake of her and Neil.


I don't know how the show managed to slip in the Mulan and Aurora thing in so subtly. The thought that Mulan may have developed feelings for her never even occurred to me and even in this episode I was barely paying attention but I looked up at that scene and it was so obvious. I am actually really proud of the writers and Jamie for that scene because they didn't feel the need to make her come out and say anything and she conveyed it all with the way she acted the scene. It was fantastic. I always love getting to see Regina flashbacks before she became pure evil. Her and Tink were such a fun pair. Very happy that she will be getting a love interest. Not pleased with the look that Tink gave Hook. Clearly there is some history there romantically that will come in the way of Captain Swan :(. I just can't get behind her and Neil at this point. The only back story we got with them really was him abandoning her, then when we get him in present time and he is engaged. I feel like their has been no build up to their love story. Her and Hook on the other hand have been so much fun to watch. Their relationship is building slowly and steady and I really hope they don't throw away all that work just for the sake of her and Neil.


Gaaaah I cant stand blue! She so high and mighty, tink was judt trying to be helpful and kind. I felt kinda bad for regina, I think she was mostly scared of having her heart broken again and thats why she didnt go in.i figured it would be robin in there but didnt make me any less excited. The head lost boy is kinda scary.


I think OUAT should have made it clearer it was Aurora Mulan was after and not Phillip. While watching it, I thought Mulan was asking where Phillip was so she could talk to him, then was trying to tell Aurora she was in love with Phillip, and left crying because he now has a life with Aurora. I realize now that doesn't make any sense at all, and of course it was Aurora she was after. Maybe they'll ship her off with Tinkerbell now.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

she wanted to say she loved philip probably.
And she would do that by insisting to speak with Aurora and being incredibly giddy around her about what she is about to tell? lolno ;]

Drea xoxo

where is all this auora/mulan coming from???? she wanted to say she loved philip probably.
hood n regina cuteeee!!
tink n blue story blah,
tink n regina cute but her without magic n a consistent accent not her for.
pan cut this story out, he cant act and is not menacing.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Mulan loves Philip! All last season you could tell she loved him. Only last week she was in love with him. They did make it seem like she has feelings for Aurora now. Mulan was clearly infatuated with Philip before she met Aurora, but through S2 we clearly saw the signs of her falling for Aurora, cemented even further with "heart magic sex metaphor" scene. In fact pretty much 99% of fandom called Aurora/Mulan stuff a season ago already ;)


Mulan loves Philip! All last season you could tell she loved him. Only last week she was in love with him. They did make it seem like she has feelings for Aurora now. Odd?! I was thinking Mulan and Robin but when I saw the lion tat I was really happy for Regina. I love Regina and want her to be happy but like Tink said she has to let go of the hate. If Rummpy can do it Regina can do it. This show really makes you want people to be happy and in love. Let go of the hate Regina! I am I the only person who thinks Jimmy the Criket/Doc. is in love with Regina?

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Emma is trapped in Neverland with Peter Pan who is hands down the nastiest person I've ever met.


Henry: I don't like apples.
Peter Pan: Who doesn't like apples?
Henry: It's a family thing.