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Scandal is on FIRE this season. Seriously. Red hot! This week may not have been full of mind-blowing revelations about Olivia's life, but that doesn't matter. Scandal kicked up the heat and delivered an intense and emotional hour in "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington."

It was one that had me trying to fast forward through commercials while watching in real time. (Don't pretend you've never done that. You know you've done that.)

Huck Is Unhappy

First of all, everyone at OPA needs a day off. And not a day spent hunting down the head of a super secret spy group. A day where they do the opposite of work and almost get blown up. 

Olivia's the heroine of the series so it was clear that she wouldn't actually get blown up in the Congressman's office. Just as it was clear that the mother wouldn't make it out of the office alive whether she died by her own hand or someone else's. But that was one anxiety-riddled day spent inside that office and I wouldn't blame Olivia if she booked herself a tropical vacation somewhere out of the country and just went away for a day or two. 

I was stressed out and it wasn't even really happening. 

What made it so stressful was not knowing whether or not the son was truly innocent. The back and forth of that and then finding out the real truth - that the son was an American hero whose death was accidental but his mother cannot ever know that - was crazy good and thought provoking. I have a love-hate relationship with shows when they make me think "what if that really happened?" 

The fact that either way Olivia would have to let that mother down was intense. She could tell the mother that her son was a hero and risk the woman blowing up the room because of grief or she could tell the mother her son was in fact a terrorist and still risk being blown to bits. There wasn't a good answer there, but Olivia chose the latter.

We all knew the end was coming and that said end wouldn't be her walking out of the office to have her bomb diffused by a professional. It's still hard to know what's coming and prepare yourself for it when there's really no way to prepare for that.

Olivia knew that same ending was coming, too, even though she had hope that the woman would walk out alive and face the courts for her punishment.

In the middle of the crisis, Olivia called on Jake to help her out. Jake called the President. Fitz was kind of a jealous jerk because Jake called him for Olivia instead of Olivia calling herself. Fitz makes no sense sometimes. He had just gotten an admonishment from Cyrus about how the two of them need to stay very far away from each other at the moment!

They cannot talk to each other right now. It just can't happen.

They cannot be together right now. 

I, for one, am okay with that because I like the idea of her with Jake. Maybe not forever. Jake isn't her end game. But I like Jake. He's one of the good guys even if he did do some crazy spying on her last season. Tonight's episode sort of explained why he would go to that length to spy on her in a way that made Jake seem less like a creeper and more like a vicim of circumstance.

Essentially, when Papa Pope says jump, you jump. 

Huck tracked him all day, and he wasn't neat about his tracking. Finally seizing his chance to kill Command, Huck killed for Eli in order to clean up after someone who knew something about Operation Remington. An operation which is quickly becoming Scandal season 3's Defiance and which might tank the episodes in the middle if we don't get some answers soon.

Huck, once again, is a broken man, all because of Eli Pope. And Olivia and Jake are broken too.

Olivia realizes that she can't trust anything in her life, or at least not most of it, because she has no idea where her father's hands reach. If his former people are alive, it's because they're still of value to him.

Huck kept her safe. Jake's purpose for Olivia's life has yet to be determined but it's likely to distract her from wanting to continue an affair with the POTUS. If it means more Scott Foley on this awesome cast, I'm game for that.

It's also worth noting that Jake's presence offered a much needed lightness to an otherwise dark and heavy episode. Even though the end was also dark and heavy, his small kiss on Olivia's cheek and asking about Gettysburger and saying that she kept him alive helped us all exhale after holding our breath for so long in the office. It was a nice balance to the night. 

Other random moments to mention:

  • Abby calling Quinn Baby Huck and Quinn's "I hacked into her bank account because I can" were both great lines. (There are more great lines on the Scandal quotes page, by the way.)
  • David Rosen is so completely Team OPA. He's so, so good at wearing the white hat.
  • Mellie's drunken celebration was brilliantly written and acted. Bravo, Bellamy Young!
What did you think of "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington?" What do you think about Huck killing for Eli? Are you glad Jake's back in Olivia's life?


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This was the first Scandal episode that I didn't like. It felt so blah. Bummer. The whole time I kept saying who directed this episode? It didn't feel like a normal Scandal episode. For the first time, I feel like checking out on the series. I don't want my Scandal to attempt to be like other TV shows it's not. Please no shades of Homeland and other political/terrorist/procedural shows from the past or present. The only good scene about the whole episode was the mother breaking down after learning her son was a terrorist. I felt the mother's pain and Liv's anguish at what that lie did to the mother.


Amazing episode. Absolutely brilliant.


You see, my problem with these reviewa is that the 4.9 or 4.8 should be´s either 5.0 or 4.0. And for me there was never an episode thst deserved a 5.0 and some deserved better than 4.0. For example, IMO last week´s episode was better than the premiere, for me the later had too much hype.
And I´ve been saying this for sometime, for me, Bellamy Young IS the best actor/actress out there and Mellie IS the better acted caracther. Maybe because Mellie is definetly my favourite caracther too, she doesn´t pretend to be what she isn´t!
Oh, and I couldn´t care less about Olivia/Fitz, I don´t buy a relationship that, IMO, is essentialy unhealthy and obssessive, nothing to do with love.


I liked the Rosen/Cy confrontation and Mellie but the rest is meh.


The best scenes/dialogues: Rowan telling Huck to basically get back to work; Liv asking Huck if he killed her dad; and #1: Drunk Mellie telling Fitz off and then turning off the lights as she exits. Touche' Bellamy. Gotta disagree about the Fitz/Jake scene. Olivia was the jerk for having Jake call Fitz on their private phone line. Since when does a Fixer (and former staff member)need a go-between to speak to POTUS during a crisis? PLEASE. Like David said to Abby "Olivia causes more problems then she solves".
Great episode and great review Miranda.


Please Bellamy Young for the Emmy, that drunken monologue was fantastic. Great episode and I love Jake, don't know why people don't like him.


Great episode! Full of excitemt and drama. I have to say the scene that is stuck in my head..... Drunken Mellie! That scene was genius! Genius writing and genius acting by Bellamy Young. I don't like Mellie but that is because you are suppose to hate the villains and she is one hell of a villain! I have to give credit where credits due. Bellamy young rocked it tonight.


Like I have nothing againt Scott but he just doesn't seem to fit into the cast. Whether you like a character or not, they fit in together perfectly with other cast members. Everyone is strong in their role and no one else could play their character like they can. But Jake just seems out of place like he is a photoshop into an otherwise perfect picture. Maybe that will change now that he has a bigger role and we can learn more about him but in I just didn't feel his his character last season.


Am glad Jake is back in Olivia's life. As much as she has chemistry with the president, their back and forth and knowing they cant be together is exhausting and weighs down the episodes. As for Huck, its hard to judge him; some old habits cant die at all.


I simply LOVED Scandal tonight. Last week my temperament was low and I guess that was expected due to the fact that they were covering Liv's backstory but tonight they really brought it home to roust.
I'm team Olitz so Jake to me is like a fly in my soup. This show doesn't need any wishy washy love triangles that's not Scandal. Yes he can be her friend but never her lover again. Miranda you can't convince me otherwise and I can say the same regarding me convincing you. Let's agree to disagree.
As for Papa Pope that dude is the all time cold piece and makes Cyrus look like hew's still using training wheels. That dude knows how to control from beginning to end. Does he hate Fitz bc he's one of those that can't be control? Maybe he can be her hero after all!

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

[to Olivia] Baby Huck's choking.


[to Fitz] We will now all do our level best to not blow her up, but you cannot call Olivia because there is no way in hell I'm allowing the two of you to share a headline for the third week running.