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The surrogate plot line will be back later in the season when the baby is born healthy and the parents sue to get their "property" back.


so many poor decisions in one episode, by so many people!
caught myself (silently, at least!) 'screaming' at the screen-- no! don't! think first! reconsider! NO ! NO !!

the tantalizing invitation to be co-managing partner with Will. ouch. every 'right' option all tied up in a neat bow (in my, subjective opinion!): Will. the power. the pay. the relative independence. the not-having-to-betray-Will/the firm.
the ticket to being The Good EX Wife (my bias. my bias. my bias)

and the chance is gone!



luv the goodwife has been fast paced this season. diane getting more annoying than usual!! and alicia needs someone better than will and peter cary i like she could romance him they have chemistry


Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.........

Alicia is getting in over her head and I can't wait to see this all blow up. If you saw the previews, it definitely is going to....... Will says to Alicia "GET OUT ALICIA"..............

I'm really surprised that David Lee hasn't totally figured out what is going on. He knows something is but he hasn't quite put all the pieces together yet. He doesn't know Cary and Alicia are behind what the 4th years are doing.

Peter, oh Peter. He hasn't changed at all. Why else is he making a bid to run to Hawaii sooner than planned........

Can't wait to see what happens next......


What? No editor? St. JUDE is the patron saint of LOST CAUSES and
ST. CHRISTOPHER is the patron saint of TRAVELERS.


Another great episode in what is becoming the show's best season yet. One of the best qualities of this show is how the characters are shown with real-life personalities. No one is all good or all bad like on most dramas. Everyone has good and bad traits. Well, maybe not David Lee who probably can't even spell "ethics". This show is just simply terrific on all counts.

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