The Tomorrow People Review: The Truth About John

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There's nothing like a juicy origin story to get at the heart of a character.

Last week, The Tomorrow People delved more into Cara's past and this time it was John's turn - and what a past it was.

Cara: Three hours of teleport-training, Are you trying to kill him?
John: You should've seen my training.

I had wondered how a guy like John could ever have ended up in Ultra and The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 4 gave me my answer: He was recruited young. Not only was he recruited young, but he was taken out of a horrible family life.

It was a strange thing to realize that Jedikiah had actually given John a better life than the one he had before he became a part of Ultra.

Finding out that little John used to go out and steal to keep his foster brothers and sisters fed came as no surprise. In fact, it made a lot of sense when you think about how he is with the people that are under his care. John has basically been caring for people ever since he was a child, which is kind of sad when you think about it.

Going After Killian

John didn't only gain a father figure when Jedikiah brought him into Ultra, he gained another brother. Killian was someone for John to look up to, but luckily that admiration didn't extend too far, at least not to the point where John had become a heartless man who killed innocents to make his point.

Jedikiah might be a monster, but you're no better than he is.

But become a killer he did and that was perhaps the biggest shocker. Even with the all the double-crossing back and forth between Jedikiah, John and Killian.

Everyone was trying to trap everyone, but in the end John did what Jedikiah wanted him to do. I knew that Killian had been "fixed" so that he could overcome that hurdle, but I hadn't realized that John had, too.

Jedikiah might be a monster, but you're no better than he is.

Now that John has revealed that he can not only kill, but is willing to kill someone who was like a brother to him, it raised a lot of questions in my mind.

What will it take for John to feel as though he might need to kill again and just who could be at the end of that attack the next time it occurs? Or was this simply a very rare event that will haunt him for a long time to come?


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This was a really good episode. I'm glad we learned more about John and his story is interesting. My question is what did ultra do to John that made him able to kill and why haven't they done it again with the tomorrow people that work for them. I can't wait to see what happens with John he just got a lot more interesting. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

Ronald simkins

I'm glad that they are making Mom the more complex. Good to see that Mom may be darker than she first appeared.


As for the rest of the episode... It was great! It gave a lot of insight into John and why he is the way he is. It seems like we will be seeing a much different side of him coming up! And I can't wait for that. This show does have some holes, yes, but it really does a great job, imo, at keeping people interested and keeping the story fresh. I'm loving this new series!


All I have to say is... Jason Dohring!! It was so great to see him back on screen again :)

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