TV Fanatic Round Table: Best New Show of the Season

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Some are hits (hello, Sleepy Hollow!) , some are wild misses (farewell, We Are Men), but almost all have aired at this point.

So about one month into the fall season, we asked TV Fanatic staff members one very simple question: What is the best new series of 2013-2014? Scroll down for their responses and then vote for your own below...

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Miranda Wicker: Since Almost Human hasn't technically aired yet, I'll go with The Originals. It's given new life to old characters.

Michelle Carlbert: Has to be Sleepy Hollow. I can't remember the last time I fell in love with a show so instantaneously. The premise is what drew me in initially (I love anything spooky), but the chemistry between the two leads is what really cemented it for me in the end.

Christine Orlando: I'll go with Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I love the way it takes stories and characters we think we know so well and twists them in ways I'd never contemplated. It manages to combine action, romance and humor; plus the visuals and costumes are absolutely stunning. I'm really looking forward to continuing my adventures in Wonderland this season.

Carissa Pavlica: I'm also waiting for Almost Human, but other than that, I'll go with Sleepy Hollow. Even though it has flaws, Tom Mison could be in a one man play and keep me entertained for hours with his flawless line delivery.

Leigh Raines: I'm really loving The Originals. Claire Holt can carry a show. I'm adoring Marcel and the new dynamics. Also, not sure if this is considered "new" but since it's a miniseries formant, I really liked American Horror Story: Coven premiere.

Gabrielle Moss: Sleepy Hollow! Wacky supernatural mysteries, adorable British dudes. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Matt Richenthal: I am very much enjoying The Phoebe Tonkin-Claire Holt Hour of Hotness The Originals, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the potential to be seriously funny.

Kate Brooks: Agents of SHIELD! My inner Marvel nerd is loving this show! So is my fangirl because Brett Dalton isn't too bad to look at!

Jim Halterman: Masters of Sex.

Dan Forcella: Hello Ladies is my favorite new show of the fall. Stephen Merchant does awkward humor better than anyone else right now.

Jim Garner: While I agree with Kate that Agents of SHIELD is rocking, I knew going in I was going to like it. Thus, I'm going with Sleepy Hollow. Between Tom Mison's accent and vernacular, I have a serious man crush going. 

Sean McKenna: The Blacklist. The music on the show is fantastic, the story is interesting and James Spader is fun to watch. Although, Megan Boone's wig just looks weird. Maybe that's the final item on Reddington's special blacklist to take down and lock away forever.

Now it's YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What is your favorite new show of the fall?


So why didn't you list ALL the new shows for viewers to vote on?


If James Spader does not win an Emmy for the Blacklist something is very wrong
NBC has not had a show as good as this since ER aired


loved the concept behind Lucky 7, guess I was the only one ....


I'm enjoying Betrayal and hope it doesn't get cancelled. I also agree with Nico, Trophy Wife is good and should be aired behind Modern Family.


Well,I like hostages ,betrayal and witches from east about that?:-)

Spindae 2o

Honestly I love Phoebe, Daniel and Claire and can't wait till this mess starts to keep get better and better. My choice defineatly the Originals. But Hostages is strong to. Blacklist as well.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Really torn between Agents of Shield, Sleepy HOllow and Blacklist as all of them are essentially masterpieces with greatest possible actors and intriguing and well put plotlines. Have to go with Blacklist, because James freaking SPader is BRILLIANT in his role and the female lead is competent, flawed and very interesting.


I love Trophy Wife! I must be the only one, but I think it's hilarious, and it should be after Modern Family to give it more visibilty.

Sarah silva

I am really enjoying the Originals and Blacklist. One that is not on the list that I love is the Crazy Ones.


@Chris, Matt isn't being a pervert at all.