TV Ratings Report: Castle Rises, Beauty and the Beast Plummets

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The latest Monday night in the television ratings game was highlighted by NBC taking the total viewer and 18-49-year old crown, while Castle improved upon last week, but Beauty and the Beast fell 25 percent from its Season 2 premiere.

CBS also posted some gains after canceling We Are Men and moving The Big Bang Theory reruns to Monday...

Is Castle Getting Through?

8 p.m.
The Voice: 13.8 million viewers
How I Met Your Mother: 8 million/2 Broke Girls: 7.8 million
Dancing with the Stars: 12.7 million
Bones: 7.1 million
Hart of Dixie: 1 million

9 p.m.
Sleepy Hollow: 7.5 million
Beauty and the Beast: 920,000
The Big Bang Theory rerun: 8.4 million/Mom: 7.3 million

10 p.m.
The Blacklist: 11.4 million
Castle: 11 million
Hostages: 5.2 million

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It figures I start watching a series on t.v for the first time..
EVER. and it's already got bad air ratings. I don't care I watch the
first episode of BaTB and sleep deprived myself
for a week watching thr whole first seadon now I cant wait till Mondays
this fall. Sleep depriving myself once again but love this show.LikeNY times best sellerbook I can't put down. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!! Would be better on Fridays though.


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@ white moncler jacket

Same here. I'm like a curse on anything I like. Well, almost.


As far as BATB goes, the new storyline is ok at least it is new and different. Nice to see Vincent without all of the gashes in his face. That being said, the television audience can be fickle. If the show doesn't get any traction beyond 900,000 viewers (really? thats all?) then its going to be doomed in a hurry. The network will pull the plug early and run reruns of something else. I hope that doesn't happen.


I stopped watching HOD mid second season. Way to sappy for me. I like Rachel Bilson and most of the rest of the cast. I wish that they all could be transplanted to a different show entirely. Something edgy with the same caliber of writing that The Blacklist has. For some reason, even though I like most of the cast, Hostages is just not floating my boat. Two episodes and I'm out. Goofy premise, goofy execution, goofy story. The Doctor holds all of the cards but the writers have made her too much of a stupid pushover to realize this. Plus they're all living their normal lives. There can't be THAT many people in on this Presidential Assassination that the the family members can't get away by any number of logical and easy to think of methods.


Mondays has never been good time spot for CW, it really is the hardest night given the fact the top rated reality shows come on this night. And yes if TVD and The Originals ever got moved they would take a huge hit as fans normally don't follow shows to new time slots. That whole airing things in Canada first is the same thing that happen to Gossip Girl and that hurt their ratings too.

Sarah silva

I said it last week and will say it again. HOD should not have been renewed. I do not recall some shows they cancelled being as low as HOD. Do not get me wrong I love Rachel Bilson and the show had potential but it is not by any means one of the shows that should have stayed when others were cancelled!


I have to agree with @Wednesday on this one with regard to BaTB. One thing you can discover by heading over to Twitter to see people from around the world participating in the conversation and that is they've already seen it. The competition from The Voice is already too much, but add in a similar genre show with Sleepy Hollow that isn't available early through other means, and it's obvious which one people are watching first. Moving #BaTB to Fridays wouldn't hurt because the fans love it THAT MUCH - as long as it airs BEFORE the Canadian showing.


If they stopped airing BATB in Canada on Sundays the ratings wouldn't be so bad! The show is really great & has fans, but the early airing is killing it! I guarantee if you moved TVD or any one of the other shows & they did the same thing their ratings would also take a big hit.


Way to go Castle fans. We would like more people to tune in to Hostages. Consider canceling Heart of Dixie.


Holy **** BATB damn.