TV Ratings Report: Not So Marvel-ous

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NBC won Tuesday night among 18-49-year olds, while CBS was tops in total viewers and ABC received some bad news:

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD fell to a 2.6 among young adults, its lowest ratings to date. Elsewhere: The Originals fell slightly, Supernatural was flat and Chicago Fire also hit a series low...

Skye's Secret

8 p.m.
NCIS: 18.5 million total viewers
Agents of SHIELD: 7.1 million
The Biggest Loser: 6.6 million
The Originals: 2.1 million
Dads: 3.6 million/Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3.7 million

9 p.m.
The Voice: 12.8 million
NCIS: Los Angeles: 14.8 million
Supernatural: 2.3 million
The Goldbergs: 5.2 million/Trophy Wife: 4 million
New Girl: 3.7 million/The Mindy Project: 2.8 million

10 p.m.
Person of Interest: 12.9 million
Chicago Fire: 7.5 million
Shark Tank rerun: 3.4 million

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you put this series up against a proven series of 11 seasons what did you expect move it to a different time slot on a different day and and it might have a chance I watch it on demand all the time because of my work schedule. try a Friday at 8:00 next time or a Monday at8:00 watch the ratings change


Ratings are misleading. More and more people are getting their tv through non-conventional means. I don't watch tv, I watch tv shows through video on demand services like Netflix or Amazon. So I, and anyone else that doesn't use traditional tv, am not being counted.

@ Jonathan

Same here, I don't even have cable/dish service at home and since I work nights, I'm either working or sleeping when the handful of shows I watch are on so I never get to watch them "live".
Maybe if they were to track how many online and on-demand viewers (heck, let's even count the pirated downloads since those are still people who are watching the show), the numbers would come out much differently, especially since a lot of the times the "live" views on TV aren't even being watched but put on as background noise or someone forgot to turn off the TV.


Love how this story had nothing to do with a potential death on the show, which is how it's being advertised (and why we clicked on it). Gotta love false advertising on the interwebs!


Okay.. expect to see Chris Hemsworth soon.

Sarah silva

I am glad that The Originals is doing good.
Person of Interest continues to pull in the number and I love that Chicago Fire is doing well, it has more viewers this year than it did last year and I do love Parenthood but Chi Fi is doing way better in the same time slot Parenthood had last year.
NBC seems to be doing well this year, Blacklist is one of the best new shows and now NBC winning last night for among 18-49 year old. As it is I only watch Blacklist, Chicago Fire and Parenthood on NBC but more people are tuning in this year. Except for Ironside which NBC just cancelled last week.