Blue Bloods Review: How To Treat a Friend

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Members of the Reagan family tackled different types of challenges as they tried to make sure justice got served in Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 8.

Who Was the Target?

I couldn't have been more surprised to see Danny on a jury, nevermind as the lone member submitting a non-guilty verdict in a murder case. Like most, I would have expected Danny to be the one pushing for a conviction but when the evidence didn't support it, neither did Danny.

Dashawn Williams was darn lucky to have a detective on his jury who saw the circumstantial evidence for what it was and recognized all of the holes that Dashawn's court appointed attorney obviously missed. And even luckier when Danny refused to walk away from the case after the mistrial.

Eddie's saga was disturbing. At first I found myself annoyed that she brought Jake back to her place after their first date just to send him away. I understand the romance of a good night kiss at the door but it seemed unwise considering they'd just met.

The assault was stomach turning without ever having to witness much of it and I was relieved that it hadn't been worse than it was. Eddie's behavior was inconsistent yet typical of someone who's been assaulted.

She wanted to hide away but if she didn't want Jamie at her door then she should have returned one of his many phone calls. She obviously didn't want to speak to her assailant again but she never blocked his number from her phone.

I understood why Eddie would rather go beat on the guy than press charges. Going public would put her in a vulnerable position, and no doubt many of her male colleagues would view her as weak whereas causing Jake some serious pain would feel as though she were regaining some power and control.

Lucky for her that Jamie was there to point out that assaulting her assailant could lead to the end of her career.

Jamie was a good friend and partner throughout. He pushed…just enough and always made sure Eddie knew he had her back.

Finally, Frank had a mess on his hands thanks to an old friend. I appreciated that Frank never abandoned Angelo despite the type of people he chose to represent. They'd been friends since they were kids and as long as Angelo wasn't doing anything illegal, Frank would stand by him.

I loved that Frank ordered a perp walk with full media to keep his friend safe and give him cover from his mobster clients.  I wouldn't want to play poker against Frank Reagan.

My only disappointment was this week's Sunday dinner. It was much too short and much too quiet and much like Henry, Nicky's joke about getting a tattoo made me wish for the quiet once again.

Hopefully next week's Thanksgiving dinner will be a lot more entertaining.


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I agree with most of what the reviewer C. Orlando said about this episode except one thing. (At first I found myself annoyed that she brought Jake back to her place after their first date just to send him away. I understand the romance of a good night kiss at the door but it seemed unwise considering they'd just met.) Your comment is misleading. The words make it sound like there might have been some teasing going on, although I fully believe that was not your intent. First off Eddie didn’t invite Jake back to her apartment for the proverbial “good night kiss,” he offered to walk her home after she declined his dinner invitation and she accepted. Also, add the fact that the bartender said Jake’s name without any prompting which probably made her believe he was known in the bar to some degree. Me personally, I would have told him Thanks, but No Thanks! Because I wouldn’t want him to know where I lived. That kind of decision though, usually comes with age and experience. She is a cop, and a young one at that and like most young people she believed she was in complete control of her life and didn’t think anything “bad” would happen to her. Barring any injuries sustained during the execution of her duties as a Police Officer of course. That being said, if Blue Bloods should happen to revisit the ramifications of Eddie’s assault later on in the season I hope they treat her character’s storyline with the integrity that it deserves.

Sarah silva

This was another great episode.
I really like that we are seeing more of Jamie this year.
I knew that Danny was going to think the kid was not guilty and I am glad his instinct was right and all he proved the people that worked on the case in the first place were wrong.
The family dinner was different this week when no one could talk about anything that happened that week. Nikki broke the ice by saying she got a tattoo but of course she did not. It was a cute moment as there was tension at the dinner table and she made them all laugh.


I'm loving Jamie's bigger part this year as well. I didn't enjoy the beginning of last season as his part seemed reduced. I just wish Jamie and Danny had more scenes together.


as usual great episode frank helping friend, danny proving innocense and jamie helping partnet glad jamie has bigger parts this season i remember him on americandreams with bones fiveo and bluebloods great friday nite


While I like that Reagan family dinners don't ALWAYS come at the end of the hour, they seem more effective, sincere, and thought provoking when they finish the show. I enjoyed the twists and turns of this week's installment.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Eddie: Chicks like dating firefighters. Do you ever see a beefcake calendar with NYPD? You don't.
Jamie: Maybe I'll start one.

Riding a desk is no where on my bucket list.