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Mer needs to be put in her place. She and her big ego wouldn't mind to sentence a baby to dead and endanger the life quality of the youngster patient of Alex to be proven right. She's such an entitled little thing. The world must revolve around her and I loved the smack she received from alex, she totaly deserved it.
Webber's hospital reveries were getting old.
Owen should gain wits because he is old enough to have a thinking head. In this point of his life he should leave that chick in peace. Emma should get going. It's time.
Ben returned, good. Bailey is strange.


All I can say is..sigh....................




For me the whole Meredith/Christina fight gets more and more out of character. It just doesn't really feel like Grey's Anatomy anymore to me. And it's also annoying that... this being the last season with Christina.. things turn this way. Even when they will be BFFs again sometime, it still seems all wrong right now. It's no fun like this at all.
And for Bailey. I love her, but really, does there have to be medical drama about her again? She just got back after all that staph infection drama. What is it now? Brain tumor? Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Oh well... :(

@ Shira

I completely agree with you about Bailey. I mean seriously, poor Bailey! It's one thing after the other.


Could Bailey be pregnant? She kinda have some of the symptoms.... smelling food, being lightheadedness; almost thought she would pass out in the OR. Maybe that's why she is a little nervous. I saw a lot of women going crazy during their first stage of pregnancy becoz they're not sure on how to handle it. Maybe it's the case for her too, but a little extreme.

@ dee

Good guess!


Cristina always had Meredith's back !!!! She was the better friend !!!!


I think it is hypocritical because Meredith did the same thing (with Derek's research . At least, Cristina asked permission, Meredith was vindictive!! I didn't like this episode !!! Cristina is great, Alex too!!! Meredith was a brat and of course her husband would tell her she's right but because he was not in the operating room so he has no right to give his opinion!!!


i love how christina and alex especially have evolved over the series. i'm worried about baily. i don't like april with matthew, but i'm not sure she a nd jackson should be together...though i loved it when they were! mer and christina need to kiss and make up lol


I agree @Jessica this episode sucked.


I knew that Christina and Shane were going to take liver that Mer was 3D printing out so the could use it themselves. I find it hard to believe that they could not have waited until hers was done and then started on what they wanted. Personally I think Christina is 100% in the wrong. She had no business doing that at all. I can not stand Shane either, first Heather and now this. I hope he leaves with Christina.
I do not think that Meredith was being irrational, like Derek said, Meredith would not have said she had could remove the tumor if she did not feel she could remove it.
I am not sure what is up with Bailey either but it seems like it just came on all of the sudden in this episode.
I was so happy to see Webber getting back to his old self.
I too can only stand April with Matthew.

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