Once Upon a Time Review: The Strength of Love

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Even during the fighting, it was all about the love on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 7 - and who was strong enough to survive?

When Rumpelstiltksin sent Ariel to Storybrooke, he told her to find what he needed by the strength of their love. Thankfully, it didn't take long for Belle to find that tea cup which lead her to Pandora's box.

Ariel's Mission Accomplished

I found Ariel a lot more fun this week. Perhaps it was the fish out of water scenario she personified. She had no idea what a gun was or what it could do and when Belle explained the myth behind the box in this Once Upon a Time quote, I loved Ariel's response…

Belle: It's Pandora's box. Legend says it contains the world's darkest evil.
Ariel: Shouldn't you be wearing gloves or something?

When the boys in the mine started talking about how Peter Pan was holding their sister hostage, it didn't take long to figure out that it must be Wendy Darling. How very sad that Wendy's been kept in a cage for a century.

Pan easily led Henry right to her and had her spin a tale that played on Henry's love of fairy tales and desire to play the hero all in one.

Wendy may be the perfect tool to help Pan manipulate the truest believer, but I'm still unsure about what Peter Pan's end game is with the boy.

Elsewhere in Neverland, Snow wasn't speaking to Charming, and I couldn't say that I blamed her. So many important things happened to him since they've gotten to Neverland and he only shared them with her when he was forced to. Charming said he was protecting her but this was about trust more than love. Snow had every reason to be hurt and angry.

I was happy to see that Hook won't be backing down from a good fight when it comes to winning Emma's heart…

When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it. It won't be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.


I was definitely feeling a lot more chemistry between Hook and Emma during this episode than I was between Emma and Neal. I also appreciated how incredibly confident Hook was in Emma's ability to get her son back and defeat Peter Pan.

I've yet to see you fail and when you do succeed, well that's when the fun begins.


He really does believe in her and that's an attractive quality.

At the same time, I'm happy Emma wasn't focusing on either one these men. She's got one priority here in Neverland and that's getting her son back.

I choose Henry. He's the only love I have room for in my life.


And that's the way it should be…for now.

My biggest complaint about the entire episode was that there was so little Regina, but that didn't stop her presence from being felt. Her teaching skills already have Emma starting fires in the middle of windstorms. There's no telling how powerful these two women could be if they ever truly teamed up.

Were you happy to be back in Storybrooke? Are you hoping Ariel sticks around? And after watching "Dark Hollow" are you TeamNeal, TeamHook or simply TeamEmma?


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The reviewer must have been pressed for time. Not one word about how good it was to see Storybrooke again? Granny, the dwarves, Blue and Jiminy Cricket were all a sight for sore eyes. IMO, less Pan, the better. The actor playing him is doing a great job. But, since the character of Pan is a little sh*t, the only thing that makes staying in Neverland worth it for *me* is the anticipation of watching Regina, Emma & Rumple turn the little snot into a Pan Cake. Keeping Wendy prisoner for a century wiped away any sympathies I had for these Lost Boys.


Each week the writers prove more and more why Hook is the better choice for Emma. Maybe we have all gotten this wrong and her end game isn't Neal. Has anyone else noticed they have spent literally ZERO time trying to build up Neal? Just seems strange that if they plan on having them end up together they give us no reason to want them to. And also did anyone else see that moment between Tink and him!?!? I legit screamed at my TV because I am praying they are gonna let Emma end up with Hook and Neal and Tink will end up together.
Is is bad that I really don't care if they save Henry at this point? Seriously is it just me or is he extra annoying this season? In the first season I attributed it to the actor being young and I could look past it because he had this kind of endearing quality to him, but now...he just seems older and not cute anymore. I would not be all that sad if he doesn't make it out of Neverland and it sends Emma down an evil path. Think that would be really interesting to see.
Was so excited to see Belle again. She was one of the best additions to this show season one and I feel like they never found a way to properly use her. Get these people back to Storybrooke so we can see more of her please!!!!! Loved the line from Grumpy about Ruby's outfits (Another character that they seriously underused and let slip through their fingers)!
As much as I have personally liked Peter Pan/the Neverland story line it has gone on way too long (oh wait i'm sorry it's only been 5 days!!!!! Really writers 5 days!?).

Drea xoxo
@ kandi1212

i too don't favour henry atm, he is reminding me of eric/lil j/charlotte/declan/florrick kids etc! they need to change him up and make him less annoying. happy SB was presented to us again thank goodness!! n no one has addressed how pan has let the brothers leave the island and still be alive too..


I agree get off the island already. They are dragging this storyline out and I am getting bored. It was nice to be back in storybrooke last night. I am tired of this Peter Pan stoyline and neverland.

Drea xoxo
@ Grimmfan#10

i was bored when i was introduced to Pan. this wendy arch is blah have a purpose.


Great review! I usually dislike love triangles, and I don't usually get on relationship bandwagons - if it's a good show, I'll just trust the writers. But OH MY GOSH I can't even describe how hard I "ship" Hook and Emma. The chemistry between them is just so palpable. I love how honest Hook is with her, and I totally called that he wanted to win her fair and square. However, given that this is a Disney show, I'm willing to bet they'll never let those two be together while Henry's father is still in play and a nice little nuclear family can be restored - one of them's going to die for the cause, and since Neal already "died", I'm betting that's Hook. I love how far Rumpelstiltskin has come. The old Rumple would have NEVER believed that someone could love him the way that Belle does. But he does - and he was right. The revisit to Storybrooke was fun, much more interesting than I anticipated, as was Ariel. I'm honestly starting to lose interest in Pan and his endgame - they need to speed that up. Fast.


so glad that we saw storybook!!!!!!!!!1 ariel was fun to watch lastnight.
i like watching her and belle work togather. i am on team hook i love how he belives in emma,


Ariel really was more fun this week. Last week I thought she was pretty boring, so I hope they keep her like this now. But, boy, was I yelling in frustration when it came to Henry. After all he's been through, after all he experienced with Regina, he falls SO easily for such an obvious trap. He got the brains of his father, seriously. One more stupid than the other.


I'm team-whoever-rescues-Henry NOW! Enough dragging this storyline out-rescue Henry and go back to Storybrooke and see what happens?


i loved it


Love the way Hook treats Emma. Definitely think they are going to end up together. Loved tonight's episode! Ariel was especially adorable!


I was very happy to se Storybook again. I hope Ariel comes back. I am torn between Team Neal and Team Emma.

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