Psych the Musical Preview: Murder, Mayhem and Music

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After years of fans begging and practically beating down the doors, Psych the Musical is less than a week away from airing on USA Network.

What can fans expect from this special, two-hour installment, which airs on Sunday, December 15 at 9/8c?

We've seen it, we'll post a detailed review after the episode airs and we've teased fans with a few tidbits below...

Psych the Musical Poster
  • Every regular cast member and guest sings except one.
  • An unexpected return takes place, and not the one you're thinking of.
  • There will be references to past cases that span all the way back to Season 1.
  • Tap dancing will be involved.
  • And lots of Skype-ing.
  • Tim Omundson has a velvety baritone voice.

We will be live tweeting this singing-and-dancing event and would love for you to join us by following @PsychTVF on Twitter!

Psych Season 8, meanwhile, will premiere on January 8.

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Well it's too bad psych is ending




I really love psych


Hi bye


Actually, Roday and others made very clear in Comic Con that next season is probably the last. SO, I doubt we will have another one :(


To my knowledge it is at this point only being speculated by tv critics and writers that this upcoming season will be the last season....I don't believe anything official has been said yet..........


i am very bummed that this will be the last season.
psych is one of the shows that always brightened my mood. I will really miss James, Dulé ("You know that's right!"), Maggie and Tim (the coolest foursome), and the rest of the gang. I really wish them the best in their future and thank the writers for making such an amazing show.

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