Rebecca Mader Cast as New Once Upon a Time Villain

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Once Upon a Time will go on an extended hiatus on December 15.

But not before revealing a new villain to the television universe.

E! News confirms that Rebecca Mader (Lost, No Ordinary Family, Work It) has landed a major role on the ABC drama, coming on board as a deliciously evil character whose identity will be revealed in a promo following the 2013 finale.

But let the guessing games begin now, OUAT Fanatics!

As Charlotte

ABC also announced that Alexandra Metz will portray Rapunzel and debut some time this spring.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 bids farewell on December 15 and does not return until March 9.

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I think a White Queen crossover character would be cool both bad CS Lewis's White queen and good Wonderland White Queen.


They've already said she has her own theme music. It's the Wicked Witch of the West.. they've only been hinting at Oz forever now.

@ Gary

If they bring in Oz, I will be extremely disappointed?


there are only so many female disney villains. there's lady tremaine and the the stepsisters but since they've abandoned the cinderella story i'm guessing it's not her. there's yzma from the emperor's new groove, but i also doubt that. the most obvious choice is mother gothel since they've just casted rapunzel!!


I don't think it would be Mother Gothel. I'm not too familiar with the Rapunzel story but the girl they cast Rapunzel as is black. I would imagine that they would keep them both the same skin color (unless they're step mom/daughter, I don't know). Besides, the writers have said they're introducing Cruella.


Totally agree!


Ugh. I can't stand that one. I despised the character in Lost. I'm sure I will despise her in OUAT. Perhaps she is perfect for her roles..

@ Suzanne

I like Mader and think she's a good actress. She does play a good easy-to-hate character though. Loved to hate Charlotte on Lost.

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