The Originals Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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Nothing has been easy in the Big Easy for the Mikaelson family.

Old frenemies, a superpowered teenage witch and a pesky pack of mysterious werewolves have all made life for Klaus and Co. more than a little difficult.

But these obstacles haven't stopped our beloved trio of siblings from reclaiming their former home on The Originals

While we're currently awaiting the show's January return, let's break down the first half of The Originals Season 1 with another edition of the TV Fanatic report card...

Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan

Best Episode: This is a tough category to lead with because every episode of this spin-off has gotten better than the previous one with what is likely the best still to come as the season plays out. With that in mind, the best episode of the season so far was The Originals Season 1 Episode 9. It brought a close to the power struggle between Klaus and his former protege Marcel and saw the two choosing to rule the city together.

Elijah and Klaus also made amends. Both situations put Rebekah on the periphery of the inner circle which is a perfect set-up for her to defect and join forces with Cami and Davina when The Originals season 1 episode 10 airs. And let's not forget that big reveal about the werewolves moving into the bayou and their connection to Klaus. Like I said earlier, this series just keeps getting better and better.

Honorable mention for Best Episode goes to The Originals Season 1 Episode 5, "Sinners and Saints." The Harvest sequence and the unfolding of the events that led to Davina being the most powerful witch in New Orleans was well done.

Worst Episode: This goes to The Originals Season 1 Episode 1. Instead of an entirely new pilot, writers and producers retold the backdoor pilot, which appeared during The Vampire Diaries season 4, from Elijah's perspective. It worked in that it refreshed the memories of those who'd watched the original pilot and set up the reason for the Mikaelson's return to New Orleans for those just tuning in, but given that so much of the footage was being re-aired and considering the amazing episodes which have come since, this was definitely the weakest of the first nine.

Best Character: ELIJAH! Seriously! If The Originals gave us nothing else, it gave us more Elijah. Sure, he spent a few episodes in a coffin, but his alter-ego Daniel Gillies is quite the busy man, what with shooting Saving Hope in Canada, a new baby at home, and interviewing TV Fanatic on the red carpet. Elijah is...amazing. He's hands-down the best character, though Klaus does give him a run for his money sometimes, usually when JoMo sheds the single man tear.

Worst Character: This one's a tough one. So far, those characters who are no longer useful have been killed, so the easy answer here is one of the witches whose heart was ripped out in the church sanctuary. For a real answer, let's go with Sophie Devereaux. She's only the worst because there's so much about her we don't know and so far, she hasn't done much except play the Mikaelson's against Marcel  so she can slaughter Davina. But we haven't seen her in two? three? episodes now? So yeah, worst character.

Best Chemistry: Rebekah and Marcel are hot together even if their rekindled (and now dead) romance came out of nowhere. The die-hard Klaroline shippers will likely never be able to see Klaus and Cami together, but there's something between the two of them smoldering just under the surface. So, that means Haylijah gets the win for best chemistry. There's something electric about the two of them on the screen and the fact that we're having to earn this relationship means it should be worth it. When they finally get together, expect it to be hot.

Hopes and Predictions for the rest of The Originals season 1: As we've seen in The Casket Girl promos, Davina's angry, and when Davina gets angry, windows and doors explode. She's slightly more in control of her power now, but not so much that she's not a loose cannon. I predict that she'll grow increasingly more powerful and out of control to the point that someone HAS TO kill her, which will inadvertently complete the Harvest ritual. 

That will set up a nice power struggle between Father Kiernan and the humans, Klaus, Marcel, and the vampires, and Sophie and the witches to carry us to the end of the season. 

Oh, and Hayley's totally having that baby.

If we're lucky, maybe we'll get another crossover (Hey Matt Donovan, Rebekah's lonely!), or at the very least, Tyler will be released from The Gardens. That will stir up trouble with Klaus and the werewolves, both Hayley's family and his own. 

Overall Grade: A

Your turn, TV Fanatics! Watch The Originals online and grade it here!

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


Love TO. Its my new TV crack. The way the season is shaping up is soo good. Im interested to see how far Klaus will go before he gets pulled back and en route to "redemption". Eager to see Rebekah get more involved and a great SL of her own. And of course, more of Elijah and Hayley. Apart and preferably together. Their unexpected chemistry is just amazing.

Lemor aquarius

I like the tv show the originals. I have a feeling that davia the witch will try to either bring back klaus's werewolf curse or try to kill all the vampire originals. but Rebekah will again get the short end of the stick because davia will only use her. so davia will get rid of klaus then she will hurt Rebekah but doing that will only get Rebekah's good brother really angry !.


Love love smokeing hot Elijah so so sexy.has to get down and dirty with hayley..!!!!!!
just love his mafioso protectiveness toward his family that's what makes you love him..!!!!! Think they should bring the rest of the family back into it being as they have found there mother s ring I'm sure Devine is powerful enough to do that.!!!! Can't wait to See how everything plays out .!!!!!!!! Bravo to Warner brothers for make the series..!!!'! and bravo to sci-fi for airing the originals it couldn't have found a better home .!!!!!!!


I agree Elijah just about beat Klaus this half of the season. They've shown us a totally different side of Elijah that we only got to glimpse around Katherine. Worst character should be Sophie AND Camille. Camille's purpose on the show at the moment is completely non-existent.


Favorite Character: KLAUS!! Obviously! But I do love me some Elijah.. I just think Joseph Morgan is such an incredible actor.. I really like Marcel too but thats mostly because hes so damn hot lol

Ronald simkins

If this becomes the "Klaus Show " I will tune out. Klaus needs lots of enemies. Arrogance needs foils.


Would they just kill Tyler and get it over with already...sheesh. Hated him on TVD & totally bummed of all the characters they could have had crossover that they chose the least interesting and least likable character on tv EVER.

Spindae 2o

Nice recap of the season so far! I agree with most thing with exception of the best episode choice.
I will go with the 6th episode "Fruit of the
Poisoned Tree" , it was so intense and Elijah was just awesome (even more than usual) usually I'm more for development than action but this was just perfectly suited.
Hopes and Predictions: Davina will get her throath cut in the last minutes of the next episode and than will a fight go on to prevent Sophie from finishing the ritual. I really hope more witch buisness will cone toward us. Halijah must go stronger and stronger. And what are the odds for us to get a Klaus doppelganger, maybe that Morgan charxter I will like?

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