The Walking Dead: Watch Season 4 Episode 8 Online!

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The Walking Dead closed out its 2013 run Sunday night with an episode that brought things full circle from the end of the AMC drama's third season.

Everything came to a head on a collision course, as the dichotomy between Rick and the Governor, and the prison versus Woodbury, played out once more.

Did the Governor finally meet his demise? Or did David Morrissey's character live to fight another day? Who were the survivors of this epic confrontation?

We won't give that away here, but it's worth watching. We promise you that.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 gave us plenty to think about as we wait until the show's February return. Want to catch up on it or watch it again?

See the midseason finale, "Too Far Gone," from beginning to end below ...

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Oh forgot to say that I'm watching from Australia, just finished season 3!! And I heard that Hershel dies in season 4?? I love Glenn and Haley!! Engaged and I don't thing the writers did justice with her story re; the governor assaulting her!! It's A BIG DEAL WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. The writers must not have any daughters.
Otherwise, great show! Finally a show that is actually scary, iv gotten use2 the zombies BUT I STILL JUMP every time I see one pop out, or when I hear the growles lol.


I like this show and Im hooked, I think the writers r doing a great job, but stop killing off main good characters, I mean what next r they going to kill off the sister/blondie who is taking CARE OF THE BABY?! It's unrealistic to kill off all. And she's been like the moher. Hershel I miss, and pls let the rest live coz Carl and baby can't survive without them. Adriana deserved wot she got for betraying M-ninja and the group. And that peace of shit governor just wont die!!


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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I have to talk you all in to doing something, something I know we need to do. And I don't know how to talk about it.

The Governor

It could work, you know it could.